10 Interesting John F Kennedy Facts

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Another important history for the US president is presented in John F Kennedy facts. John F Kennedy has the full name of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He was a good president. When talking about Kennedy people always remember his assassination when he was in a car with his wife. Let’s find out more about John F Kennedy facts here:

John F Kennedy Facts 1: Date of Birth

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on 29 May 1917 in Brookline Massachusetts. During his life, he was always recognized as a noble man from the wealthy family in US. Read another president of US in Woodrow Wilson facts here.

John F Kennedy Facts 2: Rich Family

If you ask me the richest president in US, it was President Kennedy. His family fortune reached $1 billion. It was estimated when Kennedy passed away. His father was very rich man because he was involved in investment and Wall Street.

John F Kennedy  Facts

John F Kennedy Facts

John F Kennedy Facts 3: A Terror Attack of His Father

The name of his father was Joseph Kennedy. In 1920, he could be rescued from the Wall Street bombing. Even though the bombing killed 38 people at that time, his father survived.

John F Kennedy Facts 4: Early Life

Many people think that Kennedy spent his all life in Boston. It is not true because his first 10 years was in suburban Boston. His family resided in Bronx. Then he was sent to Connecticut to pursue his study.

John F Kennedy Family

John F Kennedy Family

John F Kennedy Facts 5: A Movie Producer

The role of a producer was done by Kennedy when a movie about his boat sinking in Solomon Island. Cliff Robertson becomes the young Lieutenant Kennedy in 1963 movie.

John F Kennedy Facts 6: Purple Heart

The only president who won the Purple Heart is John F Kennedy. He got it because of his contribution in Pacific during World War II.

John F Kennedy President

John F Kennedy President

John F Kennedy Facts 7: Young President

You are wrong if you think that the youngest president in US is President Kennedy. The title of the youngest president goes to Theodore Roosevelt. He was 9 months younger than Kennedy. The third youngest president is Bill Clinton. He became president in the age of 46 years old.

John F Kennedy Facts 8: an Experienced Politician

Even though Kennedy is the second youngest president in his 42 years old age, he was a very experienced politician. In the age for 29, he got a seat in the House for Representative in 1946. Check another politician and former president in George W Bush facts.

John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy Facts 9: Vote

In 1960, Kennedy beat Richard Nixon in the election. The margin counted by Electoral College was round 303 to 219.

John F Kennedy Facts 10: Recorded Conversation

The recoded conversation had been made when Kennedy was alive. He wanted to give a memoir after he leaved the office.

President of US

President of US

Before he became president of US, he nearly died because for the Addison disease and infection after back surgery. He died because he was assassinated. Do you have opinion on facts about John F Kennedy?

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