10 Interesting Thomas Jefferson Facts

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Thomas Jefferson facts give the ideas about one of the prominent US presidents. The people living in America and other parts of the world will like to know about the prominent figures in the country. When you read about US history, don’t forget to take a note on their present and former president. Here are several facts about Thomas Jefferson:

Thomas Jefferson Facts 1: Place of Birth

Jefferson was born on April 13th in Albemarle Country, Virginia. He lived from 1743 to 1826.

Thomas Jefferson Facts 2: Term of Service as President of USA

Thomas Jefferson became the president from 1801 to 1809. His vice president from 1801 to 1805 was Aaron Burr. George Clinton became his vice president from 1805 to 1809. For another info about US president, read Ronald Reagan facts.

Thomas Jefferson Coin

Thomas Jefferson Coin

Thomas Jefferson Facts 3: Religion

When we talk about his religion, He was Deist. Read John F Kennedy facts here.

Thomas Jefferson Facts 4: Personal Life

His wife is Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson. Both married in 1772.

Thomas Jefferson Facts

Thomas Jefferson Facts

Thomas Jefferson Facts 5: Military Experiences

He was in the military but he got no action. In 1800 to 1805 he served the office during the Tripolitan war. It was the war which fought the Barbary pirates.

Thomas Jefferson Facts 6: Education

Thomas Jefferson was enrolled to William and Mary College. There are several languages that he mastered such as French, Latin, Greek and English. He had a stunning career as statesman, politician and law.

Thomas Jefferson Money

Thomas Jefferson Money

Thomas Jefferson Facts 7: Inauguration

Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated as the US president when he was 57 years old.  His height is around 6 feet and 2.5 inches.

Thomas Jefferson Facts 8: Custom

When he served in the office, it was Jefferson who initiated for a president to shake hands rather than bowing. Shaking hands is used as the custom to greet the guests in the office.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Facts 9: Important Events Surrounding Thomas Jefferson

During his life, he made a great contribution to American people. He was the founder of Virginia University. He was the one who made the draft for the Declaration of Independence. The Louisiana Purchase was made in 1803 during his presidency.

Thomas Jefferson Facts 10: Death

Thomas Jefferson died when he was 84 years old. He and his friend, John Adams died in the similar date of 4th July 1826. John Adams died a few hours after Thomas Jefferson. When he was alive, Thomas Jefferson had to struggle against tuberculosis.

Thomas Jefferson Quote

Thomas Jefferson Quote

If you want to know his status, you can visit Mount Rushmore. A 60 foot sculpture of his head is placed there.   In 1779 to 1781, Thomas Jefferson became the governor of Virginia. He became the minister to France from 1985 till 1789. During the Washington presidency he became the secretary of State in 1790 to 1793.  In 1797 till 1801 he became the vice president for John Adams. Do you have any opinion on facts about Thomas Jefferson?

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