10 Interesting Rosa Parks Facts

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Probably some of you are interested to read Rosa Parks facts. This is an important event in the life of African American women living in US. This is a big movement from women in US. Rosa Parks are famous as an African American civil right activist. The race riots have been on the crucial subject in the past. Let see the post below for more information:

Rosa Parks Facts 1: Date of Birth

Rosa parks was born on 4th February 1913. His mother was a teacher, Leona MacCauley. His father was James McCauley. He was a carpenter.

Rosa Parks Facts 2: Ethnicity

Rosa Parks had a various ethnicity backgrounds. She has Irish, Cherokee-Creek and African-American ancestry.Another famous African American personality can be seen on Bill Cosby facts.

Old Rosa Parks

Old Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks Facts 3: Education

Rosa Parks got her education from Miss White’s School for Girls at Montgomery Industrial School for Girls. Then she continued her study at Alabama State Teachers College. The school was intended for African American women.

Rosa Parks Facts 4: Marriage

When she reached the age of 19 years old, she get married to a barber named Raymond Parks.

Rosa Parks Facts

Rosa Parks Facts

Rosa Parks Facts 5: Work

Rosa Parks worked at Advancement of Colored People programs. It was a Montgomery branch of the National Association. Another brave woman who concern with society is on Jane Goodall facts.

Rosa Parks Facts 6: Race Riots

In 1946, race riots were so concerned in southern states. 1955, Rosa Parks did not want to give her seat to a white passenger in the bus. She was fined $14 and arrested in Montgomery Alabama. It raised the people to reject the law.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks Facts 7: Virginia University

Then Rosa Parks found a job at Virginia University. She also worked at African Methodist Episcopal Church as Deaconess. It was located in Detroit.

Rosa Parks Facts 8: Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King is another important person in African American movement. In 1968 he was assassinated and it made the race riots erupted in US.

Young Rosa Parks

Young Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks Facts 9: Achievement

In 1987, Rosa Parks was awarded NAACP’s Spingarn Medal. She also received Medal of Freedom. President Bill Clinton gave her 250th Congressional Gold Medal of Honor.

Rosa Parks Facts 10: Death

On October 2005, Rosa Parks died because of her progressive dementia. Many people come to pay the last respect for the African American woman who had done many things to the sake of African American society in US. During her life, she has published a book entitled Rosa Parks My Story.

Brave Rosa Parks

Brave Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was an inspirational figure. This African American woman is very brave to refuse giving her seat to a white passenger. Her action contributes much to the movement of African American women in US. Being a black woman at that time is not easy because people will always consider you as the subordinate one. What do you think on facts about Rosa Parks above?

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