10 Interesting Gillian Clarke Facts

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Gillian Clarke facts are interesting to study. People nowadays really love to study about people’s biography. Therefore, this person can be a great example for any of you who are interested about her as the famous poet. There are many things you still don’t know about her.

Gillian Clarke Facts 1: childhood

She was born on 8 June 1937. It was on Cardiff. She also was on the Cardiff and also Penarth actually. She also belonged to the time of World War which was in Pembroke shire.  Later, she was lived in Barry for several years. It was at a house on The Parade called “Flatholme”.

Gillian Clarke Facts 2:  language

It was true that her parents were Welsh speakers. Yet, Gillian Clarke grew up only by speaking English. She learned to speak Welsh when she was an adult. It was partly as the form of rebellion actually.

Gillian Clarke Facts

Gillian Clarke Facts

Gillian Clarke Facts 3:  study and work

She had graduated from Cardiff University in English. If it was about the working activity, she had spent a year in working for the BBC. It was in London actually.

Gillian Clarke Facts 4: returning to Cardiff

After the study and work, she returned to Cardiff. There she married and had a daughter. The name was Catrin. It was the name that she included in her poem. She also had 2 sons from her marriage. She also had worked there as the English teacher.

Gillian Clarke Pic

Gillian Clarke Pic

Gillian Clarke Facts 5: Ceredigion

She later moved to certain rural area called Ceredigion. It was in mid-1980s. It was in Wales along with her 2nd husband. There she spent the years as creative writing tutor. It was at the Glamorgan University.

Gillian Clarke Facts 6: lectures

She had provided poetry readings and also lectures. It was in Europe and also United States. Her work achieved great reputation and had been translated into 10 languages.

Gillian Clarke Poet

Gillian Clarke Poet

Gillian Clarke Facts 7: poetry

She had published some poetry collections both for children and adults. She also had articles and dramatic commissions for huge range of publications.

Gillian Clarke Facts 8:  Glyndwr Award

Gillian Clarke had achieved certain award in 1999. It was Glyndwr Award.  It was for “Outstanding Contribution to the Arts in Wales”.

Gillian Clarke

Gillian Clarke

Gillian Clarke Facts 9: 3rd National Poet of Wales

You should know that she became the 3rd National Poet of Wales. Within 2011, she became the member of the Gorsedd of Bards.

Gillian Clarke Facts 10: careers

She actually was well known as playwright, editor, poet, lecturer, translator, broadcaster, and poet from Welsh.

Clarke Image

Clarke Image

There are facts about Gillian Clarke which you can learn more. In this case, just pay attention in how to be able to get further information about him. It will be so much interesting then.

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