10 Interesting David Beckham Facts

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One of the hottest men in the world is explained in David Beckham facts. This famous football player was born in the full name of David Robert Joseph Beckham. When he was still a child, people call him Brooklyn. He went to Chase Lane School when he was still a child. Find out other facts about this handsome man in the post below:

David Beckham Facts 1: the first car

The first car that David owned when he was a young teen is only Ford Escort.

David Beckham Facts 2: the best man

David is married to the beautiful Victoria Adams. She was the member of Spice Girls.  This woman is just as famous as his husband. She works as a fashion designer. The best man at their wedding is Gary Neville.

David Beckham and Harper

David Beckham and Harper

David Beckham Facts 3: football career

When Beckham was only 12 years old, he won a Bobby Charlton soccer skill award.   In 1992, he made a team debut in the football.

David Beckham Facts 4: family life

David parents are Ted and Sandra. David has two sisters.

David Beckham and Wife

David Beckham and Wife

David Beckham Facts 5: Pepsi advertisement

Pepsi had an advertisement which features David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Iker Casillas and Ronaldo. All of the famous football players dress like cowboys. There are many other kinds of advertisement that David has such as Adidas.

David Beckham Facts 6: 1998 World Cup

In 1998 World Cup, David got a red card when his team played with Argentina. After Diego Simone clashing into him, David launched his foot on him. It made the referee give him a red card. He was kicked from the green field.

David Beckham facts

David Beckham facts

David Beckham Facts 7: children

The first two children of David and Victoria are Brooklyn and Romeo.  On March 4th 1999, Brooklyn was born on earth.  On September 1st 2002, Victoria gave birth to Romeo.

David Beckham Facts 8: shirt number

When she was on the field, David Beckham loved to wear the shirt number of 7. When he played for Manchester United, he got this number shirt.

David Beckham Now

David Beckham Now

David Beckham Facts 9: position

When he became a football player and worked in Manchester United, he always became the midfielder.

David Beckham Facts 10: England captain

When Alan Shearer decided to retire from the international football, David Beckham was pointed as the England captain in November 2000.

David Beckham

David Beckham

When David was a child, he grew up in Chingford. Now he is the owner of a multimillion dollar mansion. It is situated in Hertfordshire in England. Are you fascinated with facts about David Beckham?

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