10 Interesting Herbert Hoover Facts

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Herbert Hoover facts are important especially for American. This president had many things and information that people don’t know about him. So, the information below can become your basic knowledge to understand about him better indeed. So, be more attentive to read below.

Herbert Hoover Facts 1: birth

Herbert Hoover was born on August 10, 1874. It was in West Branch, Iowa. There was an information in where his office born in that state and west of Mississippi River. This basic fact indeed may always require your consideration.

Herbert Hoover Facts 2: asteroids

There are two asteroids named for Herbert Hoover. They are Hooveria which is discovered in 1920 and Herberta which is discovered in 1935. So, you can become so much considerate about how famous he is as president.

Herbert Hoover and Dog

Herbert Hoover and Dog

Herbert Hoover Facts 3: Western Australia

He went to Western Australia in the year 1897. The purpose was to become the employee of Bewick, Moreing & Co. It was the London-based gold mining company. He had suitable geological training which may fulfill the firm’s objectives.

Herbert Hoover Facts 4: Lou Henry

Hoover married Lou Henry. It was in 1899. He promptly sent a cable of proposal to her. What you need to know about her is that she had been an Episcopalian and had become a Quaker.

Herbert Hoover Book

Herbert Hoover Book

Herbert Hoover Facts 5: the sons

The Hoovers had 2 sons. They are Herbert Clark Hoover Jr. and also Allan Henry Hoover. You need to know that the family subsequently went to China.

Herbert Hoover Facts 6: CEMC

He was also recognized as the director of CEMC. It was when he became a supplier of coolie labor for the South African mines.

Herbert Hoover facts

Herbert Hoover facts

Herbert Hoover Facts 7: Zinc Coorporation

He also founded Zinc Corporation in 1905. His co-founder was William Baillieu.

Herbert Hoover Facts 8:  mining consultant

In 1908, he became an independent mining consultant. He traveled worldwide until the WWI broke.

Herbert Hoover Pic

Herbert Hoover Pic

Herbert Hoover Facts 9: press conferences

There was a fact that he had conducted more press conferences compared to any other different President. It was only within his first 120 days. His availability reduced when stock market crashed in 1929.

Herbert Hoover Facts 10: reputable wife

His wife had gained reputation through her graduation of Stanford. She had the degree in Geology. Becoming first lady had made her name more famous.

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover

The facts about Herbert Hoover can be additional information in how you may look for good quality of facts about US presidents.

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