10 Interesting Bob Marley Facts

Sunday, November 24th 2013. | People

Bob Marley facts are very important for the people who become the fans of this famous person. Well, in this case, there are some useful facts for you about Bob Marley. Read the following explanation below:

Bob Marley Facts 1: killed

Bob Marley is very famous singer. He passed away because he was shot by an unknown gunman within his kitchen. The purpose is believed to be the political motivation. So, what do you think about it?

Bob Marley Facts 2: wall of fame

Perhaps some of you still don’t know the fact that Bob Marley was inducted within the Rock and Roll wall of fame in the year of 1994. You can go to the wall of fame to know his achievement.

Bob Marley Facts

Bob Marley Facts

Bob Marley Facts 3: last word to his son

You can recognize that Bob Marley is very famous because of his last word to his son such as “money cannot buy life”. There are many people who get motivation and inspiration from his word.

Bob Marley Facts 4: burial

There is an interesting fact that he has buried along with a soccer ball and a Gibson Les Paul a Bible. It is a unique fact that people should know.

Bob Marley Fame

Bob Marley Fame

Bob Marley Facts 5: first superstar

His name is very popular among people around the world. He has gained the title as the first superstar of the third world. There are more people who have already recognized about this fact.

Bob Marley Facts 6: drugs

You can find out that he had been arrested by the police because of the possession of drugs. This has made his popularity reduced.

Bob Marley Young

Bob Marley Young

Bob Marley Facts 7: reggae

Well, if it is about Bob Marley, people always link him with Reggae. Although it is included as a unique genre, there is no one who knows about the meaning of it.

Bob Marley Facts 8:  beating the manager

There is a fact that he has beaten his manager near to death because of the stealing of the money from his popularity.

Bob Marley Singer

Bob Marley Singer

Bob Marley Facts 9: Nesta

He has the real name of Robert Nesta Marley. Nesta actually is a name of a girl.

Bob Marley Facts 10: BMW driving

You can find out that Bob Marley had a BMW car. He thought that BMW can stand for Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

If you are really the fans of Bob Marley, you need to consider the facts about Bob Marley because they can give you important of your idol.

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