10 Interesting James Watson Facts

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James Watson facts will be my topic of discussion here. Well, there are more people who can notice about in how to get the basic things to consider about related to such famous person. There will be more and more facts which you can learn from him actually. Let’s discuss further below.

James Watson Facts 1: birth

James Watson actually was born in Chicago, Illinois. It was on April 6, 1928. You need to know exactly about how to get this information as your basic thing to recognize about. So, the birth will be your basic consideration.

James Watson Facts 2: Molendor Biology of the Gene

It was during 1960s when Watson became one of the most celebrated science writers. He later published his textbook entitled Molendor Biology of the Gene.

James Watson

James Watson

James Watson Facts 3: family

James Watson actually was the only son of Jean Mitchell and also James D. Watson who was a businessman descended mostly from the colonial English immigrants to America.

James Watson Facts 4: Catholics

He actually was raised Catholic. He also later was described himself to be the escapee from the Catholic religion. Watson even said that the luckiest thing ever happened to him was the father had no believe in God.

James Watson facts

James Watson facts

James Watson Facts 5: education

James Watson actually had grown up on the South side of Chicago and may attend the public schools. He attended Horace Mann Elementary School and also South Shore High School. He later graduated ahead of his peers.

James Watson Facts 6: Quiz Kids

James Watson appeared on Quiz Kids. It was a popular radio show that challenged any bright youngsters in answering the question.

James Watson Image

James Watson Image

James Watson Facts 7: Robert Hutchins

It was gratitude to University president named Robert Hutchins because he enrolled at the University of Chicago. It was at the age of 15.

James Watson Facts 8:  professional ambition

After he read a book entitled “What is Life” in 1946, James Watson changed his professional ambitions from studying ornithology into genetics.

James Watson Old

James Watson Old

James Watson Facts 9: Salvador Luria

James Watson actually drowned into molecular biology by the work of Salvador Luria. Luria actually shared as well the Nobel Prize for his work. He also concerned the nature of genetic mutations.

James Watson Facts 10: marriage

James Watson actually married Elizabeth Lewis. It was in 1968. They had 2 sons named Duncan James Watson and also Rufus Robert Watson.

James Watson Pic

James Watson Pic

If you want to get more facts about James Watson, I recommend you to do review online first from the internet. It will be your basic consideration actually.

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