10 Interesting Christianity Facts

Monday, September 30th 2013. | Religion

Find more ideas about one of the biggest religions in the world by reading Christianity facts. Christianity is very popular among people because of its philosophies. It is okay for you to know each religion in the world so that you can understand the point of view of other people’s religion. You need to have a broaden knowledge so that you can be an open minded person. Here are the fascinating facts about Christianity:

Christianity Facts 1: Belief

Jesus Christ is believed to be the son of God, while Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ. He was crucified to pay the sins made by human beings. It is believed that he spent three days in the tombs.   He then rose to heaven after forty days.

Christianity Facts 2: Bible

Bible is considered as the holy book for Christian people. Actually Bible contains 66 books. 27 books are on the New Testament, while 39 books are in the Old Testament. Here are Bible facts.

Christianity Facts

Christianity Facts

Christianity Facts 3: Holidays

There are two main important holidays celebrated by the Christian people. Both are Easter and Christmas. The birth of Christ is celebrated in Christmas day.

Christianity Facts 4: Sects of Christianity

The sects of Christianity are various. They can be seen around the world. Each sect has different interpretation of Bible.  It is not easy to count the exact sects of Christianity because it probably accounts of thousand sects in the world.



Christianity Facts 5: God

God in the Biblical texts have one hundred different names. Find another info about religion on facts about islam.

Christianity Facts 6: Translation of Bible

Christianity is embraced by various people from different countries in the world. Bible has been translated into different languages. The Star Trek enthusiast can read Bible in the language of Klingon.



Christianity Facts 7: Commandments

There are two commandments that Christ teaches the people. He reminds people to love their neighbors and to love God with all mind, heart and soul.

Christianity Facts 8: The Best Seller Book

Bible is included as the best seller book in the world. Many people buy and read it.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Christianity Facts 9: Baptism

One of the main holy rites in Christianity is baptism. This rite is conducted to remove the sin and accept Christianity as the faith by applying water to the head of the baby.

Christianity Facts 10: God

Christianity makes people believe in one God. However, there are three forms of God appear in Christianity. Those are the God the Holy Spirit, God of Father and God the Son.



Another Christian sacrament is Eucharist or Communion. This sacrament is conducted by consuming the grape juice, or water, or bread. The sacrament is used to signify the last supper before Christ was crossed. Do you have any opinion on facts about Christianity?

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