10 Interesting the Buddha Facts

Saturday, March 5th 2016. | Religion

The Buddha Facts talk about the Siddhartha Gautama. People simply call him Buddha.  His teaching is called Buddhism. During the 6th and 4th centuries BCE, Buddha spread his teaching in the eastern part of India. During the Yuga era, the word Buddha was used as the title for the first awakened being. There is no need to wonder that the word Buddha means the enlightened one or awakened one. Here are some interesting facts about the Buddha:

The Buddha Facts 1: who is Siddhartha Gautama?

Siddhartha Gautama is considered as the Supreme Buddha in various Buddhist traditions. He spread the teaching in Kosala and Magadha.

The Buddha Facts 2: the important figure

In Buddhism, Gautama is considered as the prominent figure. The people believe that the monastic rules, discourses and accounts of Buddha’s life were made by his followers after his death.

buddha Image

buddha Image

The Buddha Facts 3: the oral tradition

At first, the oral tradition was used to pass his teaching. Then it was written around 400 years later.

The Buddha Facts 4: the different varieties of Siddhartha Gautama’s life

There are various accounts of Buddha’s life. Each of them is different. Those include Nidanakatha, Mahavastu, Lalitavistara Sutra and Buddhacarita.

buddha Pic

buddha Pic

The Buddha Facts 5: Buddhacarita

Buddhacarita was written in 2nd century CE by Asvagho?a. He was a poet who wrote this epic poem. This work is considered as the earliest full biography of Buddha.

The Buddha Facts 6: the traditional biographies

If you read the traditional biographies of Gautama, you can find out various supernatural events, omens, and miracles. Get facts about Shiva here.

buddha statue

buddha statue

The Buddha Facts 7: Mahavastu

If you look at Mahavastu, Gautama is depicted with supra mundane abilities in his life. He did not have any need for medicine, food or sleeping.

The Buddha Facts 8: the modern biographies of Gautama

If you check the modern biographies of Gautama, the experts try to separate the supernatural elements and try to understand the life of Gautama secularly.

Facts about buddha

Facts about Buddha

The Buddha Facts 9: the ancient Indians

The philosophy created by Gautama is the main concern for the ancient Indians. They did not really care with the chronologies.

The Buddha Facts 10: the birthplace

The tradition believes that Gautama was born in Lumbini. It is the present day Nepal. Get facts about Taoism here.

buddha Pictures

buddha Pictures

Are you impressed after reading facts about the Buddha?

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