10 Interesting Noah Facts

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Noah Facts present the famous story of Noah’s Ark. This story is presented in the Hebrew Bible and Sura 71 in the Quran. He is called as the tenth and last of the pre-flood Patriarchs. If you are interested to know more about Noah, check the following post below:

Noah Facts 1: Bible

If you want to check the story of Noah’s Ark, you can read it in the Genesis food narrative. It is also followed by the Curse of Ham. Check bible facts here.

Noah Facts 2: Noah and other books

You can also read the story of Noah’s Ark in other books of the book of Hebrews, 1st Chronicles, 1st and 2nd Epistles of Peter, and the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

Noah Facts

Noah Facts

Noah Facts 3: flood

The God decided to give flood to destroy the earth. Noah seeks the grace of God. He was instructed by the God to create an ark to save him and his people, cattle, fowls and creeping things.

Noah Facts 4: death

Noah passed away when he was 950 years. It was 350 years after the flood. He lived in a very long time. The life expectancy of human being decreased rapidly from 1000 years into 120 years in Moses.

Noah Illustration

Noah Illustration

Noah Facts 5: The Book of Jubilees

If you read the Book of Jubilees, you will find that Noah was taught by an angel on how to heal people. With the healing ability, Noah would be able to remove the pain that his children endure from “the offspring of the Watchers”.

Noah Facts 6: The Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh

The Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh also talks about the story of Noah’s Ark. It was created 2500 BC. The flood story of Noah is similar with the story in Pentateuch. But you can find some variations in the story. The order of the birds, the number of the days in the deluge and the name of the mountain are different.

Noah Movie

Noah Movie

Noah Facts 7: the earliest accounts

Many scholars and historians believe that Mesopotamian Epic of Atrahasis and Epic of Gilgamesh texts were the earliest written flood myth about Noah.

Noah Facts 8: an important figure in Islam

Noah is one of the important prophets in Islam.  There were 43 references of Noah in the Quran. The Muslims often call Noah as Nuh.

Noah Picture

Noah Picture

Noah Facts 9: Surat Nuh

Surat Nuh in the Quran is named after this prophet. Noah is not the first prophet according to Islam. It is Adam who serves as the first prophet.

Noah Facts 10: titles in Islam

There are several holy titles of Noah in Islam to praise him. He is called as Grateful Servant of Allah and True Messenger of Allah.

Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark

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