10 Interesting Abel Tasman Facts

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Abel Tasman facts present the information about the Dutch explorer, seafarer and merchant. Many people recognize this man from his voyages conducted between 1642 and 1644. This European explorer is recognized as the first man to see Fiji Island, discover the land of Van Diemen’s and New Zealand. If you are interested to find out more about him, see the following post below:

Abel Tasman Facts 1: assistants

When Abel Tasman made a journeywork an exploration, he was accompanied by his merchant Isaack Gilsemans and His navigator François Visscher. All of them were important when mapping the island of New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Island.

Abel Tasman Facts 2: date of birth

Abel Tasman was born in Lutjegast in 1603. Probably you are not familiar with Lutjegast.  It is a part of province of Groningen, the Netherlands.

Abel Tasman 1903

Abel Tasman 1903

Abel Tasman Facts 3: Batavia

Because of the service of VOC, Abel Tasman went to Batavia in 1633. But he went back to Amsterdam four years later. But then he moved to Batavia again for 10 years.

Abel Tasman Facts 4: the first voyage

The first voyage with the fleet under the command of Matthijs Quast was conducted in 1639. Tasman was in the second command. The fleet included the ships of Engel and Gracht.

Abel Tasman and Ship

Abel Tasman and Ship

Abel Tasman Facts 5: Bonaparte Tasman map

Bonaparte Tasman map was created in 1644. The map can be seen as one of the collections in State Library of New South Wales, Australia.

Abel Tasman Facts 6: the Council of the Indies

The Council of the Indies had a wonderful job to reveal the unknown provinces of beach in August 1642. The council of the Indies included Salomon Sweers, Antonie van Diemen and Pieter Boreel. The council agreed to dispatched Abel Tasman and Franchoijs Visscher for this exploratsion.

Abel Tasman Facts

Abel Tasman Facts

Abel Tasman Facts 7: west coast of Tasmania

The west coast of Tasmania was discovered by Abel Tasman on 24th November 1642. It was located on the north of Macquarie Harbor.

Abel Tasman Facts 8: name of Tasmania

Before the island gained the name as Tasmanian, Abel Tasman named his discovered island from the name of the governor general of the Dutch East Indian, Antonio van Diemen. It was named as Van Diemen’s Land.

Abel Tasman Map

Abel Tasman Map

Abel Tasman Facts 9: possession of the land

The formal possession of the land was created by Abel Tasman on 3rd December 1642.

Abel Tasman Facts 10: New Zealand

The discovery of New Zealand was also conducted by Abel Tasman. There are two names for New Zealand that people still used until these recent days. Both are the three Kings Island and Cape Maria van Diemen.

Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman

The journey of Abel Tasman is not easy because his ship almost wrecked in various voyages. When he wanted to return from the voyage, his ship was close to crash on the eastern part of Fiji Island. What do you think on facts about Abel Tasman?

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