10 Interesting Jennifer Angus Facts

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Jennifer Angus facts give the beautiful art created from insects. Angus is famous with her unique work of art. People are fascinated with her work so that she is often invited to give lecture and workshop. There is no need to wonder that she receive a lot of achievements and awards.

Jennifer Angus Facts 1: professor

This woman is a professor. She works at the University of Wisconsin Madison in the Design Studios department. If you want to get a lecture from Angus, you can enroll to the university.

Jennifer Angus Facts 2: art

Her art is centered on the usage of insects. You can see her beautiful design created from the large scale installation of bugs inside a framework.

Jennifer Angus

Jennifer Angus

Jennifer Angus Facts 3: awards

As an artist, Angus has received different kinds of awards for her fascinating arts. She gets it from the Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council and Wisconsin Arts Boards.

Jennifer Angus Facts 4: place of living

Jennifer Angus now lives in Madison Wisconsin.

Jennifer Angus  pic

Jennifer Angus pic

Jennifer Angus Facts 5: Agents of Nature

One of her fascinating arts can be seen in Agents of Nature.  The readers can see the mix of psychological and physical maze.

Jennifer Angus Facts 6: A Terrible Beauty

When she was in Canada, she held an exhibition called A Terrible Beauty at the Textile Museum. In 2006, this exhibition was awarded by Ontario Association of Art Galleries as the Exhibition of the Year.

Jennifer Angus  Facts

Jennifer Angus Facts

Jennifer Angus Facts 7: maze of agent of nature

The relationship between the human and insect’s behavior can be perceived in her Agent Of Nature. When people see the maze, they are encouraged to think about the relation between nature and mankind.

Jennifer Angus Facts 8: chamber

You just need to visit her gallery to know the agent of nature work. The space of the gallery comes in several chambers. Each chamber represents different kinds of environment that the audience can explore.

Jennifer Angus Image

Jennifer Angus Image

Jennifer Angus Facts 9: the crux of the artwork

There are several items that you can see when you move in the crux of the artwork. You are served with the view of the curio items, Victorian furniture and toil wallpaper.

Jennifer Angus Facts 10: who is Jennifer Angus?

Jennifer Angus was born in Canada, but she gives lecture in US and Canada. Some of them are at John Michael Kohler Arts Center and The Textile Museum of Canada.

Jennifer Angus Insects

Jennifer Angus Insects

There are several places featuring her works. Those include Hachioji City Japan, American Craft Museum, New York and Canadian Embassy in Bangkok. Do you have any opinion on facts about Jennifer Angus?

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