10 Interesting Adolf Hitler Facts

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When we talk about Nazi, we need to give you the Adolf Hitler facts. Adolf Hitler was the man behind Holocaust. He had killed thousands of Jewish people.  He became the powerful man in Germany even though he actually was not a German born man. Find out facts about him more in the post below:

Adolf Hitler Facts 1: date of birth

Let’s find out the date of birth of Adolf Hitler. He was born on 20th April 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria.   You need to realize that this man actually was not born in Germany.

Adolf Hitler Facts 2: family life

His mother was Klara Hitler. She lived in 1860 to 1907. His father was Alois Hitler. He lived from 1837 to 1903. He only had a sister. Her name was Paula who lived from 1896 to 1960. Actually he had more siblings but all of them passed away during the childhood time. Those were Gustav, Ida, Toto and Edmund.

Adolf Hitler  facts

Adolf Hitler facts

Adolf Hitler Facts 3: step sister and brother

His father had married before. So he had one step sister named Angle and one step brother called Alois.

Adolf Hitler Facts 4: father

His father Alois was considered as a strict man. When Hitler was born, his father was 51 years old.  It was the third marriage for Alois. When Hitler was only 13 years old, his father passed away.

Adolf Hitler Image

Adolf Hitler Image

Adolf Hitler Facts 5: dream

His dream job actually was to become an artist. He was rejected when he applied to study in Vienna Academy of Art in 1907 and 1908.

Adolf Hitler Facts 6: selling postcards

In 1908, his mother died because of breast cancer. To make a living, he sold postcards to gain some money on the street of Vienna for four years.

Adolf Hitler Pic

Adolf Hitler Pic

Adolf Hitler Facts 7: military service

When he lived in Vienna, Austria, he avoided the military service. He decided to move to Munich Germany. However, he decided to become a volunteer in World War I for the Germany side in 1913.   He had a wonderful time during the World War I.  He got two iron crosses for bravery.

Adolf Hitler Facts 8: politics

German Worker’s Party is a small anti-Semitic party. Hitler decided to become the first member of the party in 1919.

Adolf Hitler Quote

Adolf Hitler Quote

Adolf Hitler Facts 9: swastika

Due to his great leadership, he was chosen as the leader of the party. He also made swastika as the symbol of his party. In the next years to come, he had more and more followers.

Adolf Hitler Facts 10: Nazi Party

Nazi Party was created by Hitler after he was out of the prison. He wanted to take over the legal government at that time.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

He got the absolute power in Germany when he became the chancellor on 30th, January 1933. Do you have any option on facts about Adolf Hitler?

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