10 Interesting Chuck Close Facts

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Chuck Close facts discuss about information related to Chuck Close. People recognize Chuck Close as of talented artists in United States. Yet, people need to read the facts here to know him better. Based on this reason, you can gain knowledge as well about him.

Chuck Close Facts 1: who is Chuck Close?

Although Chuck Close is famous, there are people who don’t know yet about him. Chuck Close is both artist and photographer of United States. He is well known for his portraits of photorealist. It becomes his characteristic of work.

Chuck Close Facts 2: before his fame

Of course Chuck Close has early life before famous. The most highlighted event is his scholarship. In the age of 22, he earned scholarship to study at Yale Summer School of music and art. This has developed his skill as well in learning about art.

Chuck Close eyes

Chuck Close eyes

Chuck Close Facts 3: medal of art

Chuck Close also has gained huge achievement during his life. Let’s take example from his National Medal of Arts. Such medal he won in the year 2000.

Chuck Close Facts 4: Leslie Rose

Chuck Close has a happy marriage. The lucky woman is Leslie Rose. His photographer life becomes perfect because his wife support.

Chuck Close facts

Chuck Close facts

Chuck Close Facts 5: Washingtonian

He is very popular within United States especially in his birthplace which is Washingtonian. His zodiac is cancer. Perhaps this is the reason why he had good involvement to art.

Chuck Close Facts 6: inspiration

Even Chuck Close has inspiration to conduct something related to photography. It is true his source of motivation is one of pieces of Jackson Pollock. You can find out more about such piece if you want.

Chuck Close gallery

Chuck Close gallery

Chuck Close Facts 7: full birth name

There are not many people who notice about this fact. He has full birth name actually. It is Charles Thomas Close. Yet, many friends and his family often call him Chuck.

Chuck Close Facts 8:  massive scale portraits

People actually may consider about his unique work of art. Chuck Close also is admired because of his massive scale portraits. This fact is very important to recognize as your basic understanding about this artist.

Chuck Close painting

Chuck Close painting

Chuck Close Facts 9: sickness

Besides he suffered from stroke, he also had certain terrible disease called as face blindness. This disease had made him unable to recognize faces.

Chuck Close Facts 10: worldwide collection

His works have become the collection of worldwide society. In fact, you can find about 65 major public collections spread around the world.

Too Close, Even for Chuck

Too Close, Even for Chuck

By reading facts about Chuck Close, perhaps it can provide inspiration for people loving photography. So, what is about you?

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