10 Interesting Child Labor facts

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Child labor facts bring the information about the unfortunate children in the world who have to work hard to gain money. Poverty is the main issue because the children have to end up in exploitation. The children under 18 years old have to give up their education to get the money. Here are the fascinating facts about child labor:

Child Labor Facts 1: Show Business

Show business is a form of modern child labor. You can see many children become a child performer. Most of them make an adult decision when they are still children. The lime light that they get during his childhood is too pampering and makes them cannot get independence in the future.

Child Labor Facts 2: Accident

Because most children are not experienced in the working field, it is estimated that 22,000 children die in the work field each year.

Child Labor Facts

Child Labor Facts

Child Labor Facts 3: Working Children

Asian pacific region has the largest number of children working in the field compared to any other regions in the world.

Child Labor Facts 4: Sub Saharan African Children

The children with age for 14 or less than 14 have to work in the sub-Saharan Africa. This proportion is the largest one. More than 69 million children end up in the working field. Poverty facts explain more about the working children.

Child Labor in 1912

Child Labor in 1912

Child Labor Facts 5: Age of Children

The children end up in a working field is estimated around 10 years old.  There are at least 73 million children around the world who work in that age.

Child Labor Facts 6: No Protection

The children usually worked on an informal section. Sometimes they work on the street or home. There is no legal protection for the working children.

Child Labor in America

Child Labor in America

Child Labor Facts 7: Type of Job

There are different types of job that children can have in the field.  9 percent children end up in manufacturing field. The fishing, forestry, Commercial hunting and agriculture are estimated around 69 percent children. 8 percent children work in hotel, restaurant and retail trade. The domestic work, personal service and social service are around 7 percent children.

Child Labor Facts 8: Movement

Many people think that labor of children should be eliminated from Africa, Asia and any other parts in the world. World Day against Child Labor is celebrated on 12th June each year. It seems that adoption facts give you one of the best solutions.

Child Labor

Child Labor

Child Labor Facts 9:  Child Maid Servant

There are many children working as a maid. They usually are paid $11 in a month.

Child Labor Facts 10: Tourism Labor

Another field that children have to end up is on the tourism project.  When you are having vacation, you know that many children are used to serve the foreign tourists.

Child Labors

Child Labors

Poverty probably is the main reason why children have to end up in child labor. They need to get the money to buy food and clothes. It is not easy for them to pay the education bill if they do not work. Have you read all facts about child labor above?

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