10 Interesting IPod Facts

Friday, April 11th 2014. | Technology

Let’s find out IPod facts if you want to know one of the high technology products in the world. Even though people now like to have iPad or iPhone, some people are still impressed with iPod. You can save thousand songs inside this small device. Find out more facts about iPod by reading the following explanation below:

IPod Facts 1: the first release

In 2001, people saw the first release of IPod.  The touch screen on the iPod is considered as the most expensive part. The cost of the touch screen is $35.

IPod Facts 2: sound

In average, people can listen to the sound of iPod in 120 decibels. That’s the full range for the sound produced by an iPod.

ipod apple

ipod apple

IPod Facts 3: capacity

You can find high capacity of iPod today. The first iPod is only created with capacity of 5 GB.

IPod Facts 4: selling

Even though the era of IPod ends now, this item was very popular in 2006. At that time, the sales of iPod reached 41 million units.  The flexibility and portability of iPod made this product popular.

ipod colors

ipod colors

IPod Facts 5: creation

Even though iPod was released in 1983, actually it was created in 1976. The famous brand who built the product is Apple. This brand is also famous with their iPhone and iPad.

IPod Facts 6: France

It seems that France really maintains the comfort of their residents.   If you visit this country, you should never play your iPod up to 100 decibel.  This action is considered illegal.

ipod facts

ipod facts

IPod Facts 7: battery

If you do not use iPod, the battery can last for about 14 to 28 days. You need to fully charge the battery if you want it to stay longer.

IPod Facts 8: speakers

The trend of iPod made the company released a vacuum equipped with built in iPod speakers. You can clean the house while listening to the music produced from the iPod speaker.

ipod old

ipod old

IPod Facts 9: the most expensive iPod

The cost of the most expensive iPod in the world is $231,776.

IPod Facts 10: iTunes

It was in 2003 that the computer program of iPod called iTunes released to the world.  This program got lukewarm reception from the people.

ipod touch

ipod touch

If you use the iPod to play music, the battery can last for around 8 to 20 hours. Then you need to recharge it again. Are you fascinated with facts about iPod?

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