10 Interesting Hurricane Andrew Facts

Tuesday, April 1st 2014. | Disasters

Hurricane Andrew facts give the surprising ideas about one of the most horrible incidents in the world. Hurricane has many types. You can see Hurricane Katrina, Mitch, or even Andrew. It comes seasonally without any one realizing. Hurricane Andrew is a disaster which struck Miami and South Florida 20 years ago. Find out more about Hurricane Andrew in the following post below:

Hurricane Andrew Facts 1: the construction

When Hurricane Andrew affected the city, many buildings were destroyed in Miami. People questioned the construction and building codes of the houses and mobile houses in Miami.

Hurricane Andrew Facts 2: homeless people

After Hurricane Andrew destroyed Florida, many people lost their home. In 1992, people felt the crisis.

Hurricane Andrew Damage

Hurricane Andrew Damage

Hurricane Andrew Facts 3: tropical wave

On 14th August 1992, the tropical wave of Hurricane Andrew began in the west coast of Africa. The beginning of the tropical wave was so humble. People did not realize that it turned into a monstrous hurricane.

Hurricane Andrew Facts 4: cost

Hurricane Andrew which destroyed Florida 20 years ago is considered as the most expensive tropical cyclone in United States of America.

Hurricane Andrew facts

Hurricane Andrew facts

Hurricane Andrew Facts 5: rain fall

In the early morning of 24th August 1992, people found landfall around Homestead.

Hurricane Andrew Facts 6: evacuations

People were evacuated to Texas, Louisiana and Florida. The arrival of Hurricane Andrew made 55,000 people abandoned Florida Keys. There were 300,000 people from Broward county and 517,000 people from Miami Dade County went to get a shelter in other states.

Hurricane Andrew Photos

Hurricane Andrew Photos

Hurricane Andrew Facts 7: speed

Can you guess the speed of Hurricane Andrew? The speed of Hurricane Andrew was 145 miles per hour. However, the experts stated that the speed actually was 165 miles per hour in 2002.

Hurricane Andrew Facts 8: ranking

Hurricane has a ranking. At first, Hurricane Andrew was included in Category 4. But it was in Category 5 after the experts found out the real speed of the wind.

Hurricane Andrew Pic

Hurricane Andrew Pic

Hurricane Andrew Facts 9: height

On 24th August 1992, the height of the storm tide was around 4 to 6 feet. The information of the height was gathered by the tide on Biscayne Bay. Tide in waterfront Burger King International Headquarters was almost 17 feet.

Hurricane Andrew Facts 10: rain

This hurricane was followed with hard rain too. Hammond got the most rain fall during the disaster with the intensity of the rain 1 foot. In Miami–Dade County and Broward, the rainfall was 8 inches.

Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew

The destruction on the building, infrastructure and mobile houses cost the people with $25-26.5 billion. What do you think on facts about Hurricane Andrew?

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