10 Interesting Blizzard Facts

Saturday, June 15th 2013. | Disasters

Blizzard facts below give you the unusual information about the disaster. The snowy region can be interesting scenery to view especially if you always live in a tropical area. If you face blizzard, you know that snow day can be dangerous. Blizzard is the high speed snow storm.

Blizzard Facts 1: Low Visibility

When blizzard is coming, you will have low visibility on the outdoor space. Blizzard occurs because the high wind rolls the huge mountain of snow and the fallen sown from the sky. They distract your visibility.

Blizzard Facts 2: Hypothermia

Blizzard can cause hypothermia. You need to stay calm and relaxed. You can start a fire to dry the wet clothes. You need to move around and do some activities to keep your blood flowing.

Blizzard Disaster

Blizzard Disaster

Blizzard Facts 3: Aid Kit in the Car

The emergency aid kit should be presented in the car if you have to travel. You need to provide nonperishable snacks, road flares, jumper cables, water and tow rope.

Blizzard Facts 4: First Blizzard

It was in 1977 that the Federal Emergency announced the first blizzard attacking the southern part of Ohio and New York. In five days, the snow was 12 inch thick.

Blizzard Facts

Blizzard Facts

Blizzard Facts 5: Blizzard in 1993

The next horrible blizzard occurred in 1993. It affected the US and Canada. The massive size of blizzard destroyed 10 million power outages and killed 300 people.

Blizzard Facts 6: Traveling During Blizzard

It is better for you to stay in the house. Traveling during the blizzard time can enhance the risk of accident, slippery, hypothermia and death.



Blizzard Facts 7: Rochester

Rochester is part of New York. The snow falling from the sky of Rochester is abundant. Thus, it is called as the snowiest place in US. Each year, the snow can accumulate in 94 inch thick.

Blizzard Facts 8: Forecast on TV

You need to know the meaning of forecast on TV program. When there is a Winter Storm Warning, you need to be ready. The storm is about to coming. If the forecast states a Winter Storm Watch, the blizzard is still a possibility.

White snow

White snow

Blizzard Facts 9: Get Ready For Blizzard

Once you hear the warning on TV, you need to be prepared. You need to provide blankets, flashlight, candles, extra batteries, water and non-perishable food.

Blizzard Facts 10: Stay Away From the Car

Some people might try to warm their body by staying inside a parked car in a garage. You don’t have to do it. People can die because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Car in Snow

Car in Snow

Blizzard is a dangerous disaster. When the snow falls on your house, you can get trapped and die here if no one helps you. Many people die because of hypothermia and accident when driving in a car during blizzard. Hopefully, the facts about blizzard are informative for you.

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