10 Interesting Hindenburg Facts

Thursday, March 27th 2014. | Disasters

Hindenburg facts are collections of information about this famous disaster. There are still many people who don’t know about this disaster. Learning about the disaster indeed can make you understand better about what really happened within that time.

Hindenburg Facts 1: survivors

The basic fact is that any survivors of the Hindenburg disaster indeed outnumbered by the number of the victims. There were 97 passengers and crew. 62 of them survived while 36 of them died. The way to survive was to jump out the zeppelin’s windows and ran away.

Hindenburg Facts 2: deadliest airship accident?

It was wrong if you think that the disaster was the history’s deadliest airship accident. There were still many other accidents which had occurred during history.

Hindenburg Burn

Hindenburg Burn

Hindenburg Facts 3: wasn’t broadcast live on radio

This Hindenburg disaster wasn’t broadcast live on radio. It was Morrison who was on the scene in order to record the arrival of the Hindenburg. Yet, he didn’t do the broadcasting live.

Hindenburg Facts 4: hydrogen

The major problem within the crash was the excessive hydrogen within the airplane. Many crew died because of subsequent fire. If the use of helium wasn’t prevented by U.S. law, the story would be different.

Hindenburg Disaster

Hindenburg Disaster

Hindenburg Facts 5: smokers’ lounge

The smokers’ lounge also had become the problem within the disaster. It was caused the hydrogen entering the airship faster.

Hindenburg Facts 6: piano

There was specially designed lightweight piano made for the Hindenburg. The piano was made from mostly aluminum alloy. It was covered with yellow pigskin as well.

Hindenburg Images

Hindenburg Images

Hindenburg Facts 7: Nazi propaganda mission

Hindenburg first took flight on certain propaganda mission for Nazi. Although the development of the Hindenburg was before the Third Reich, it was purposely to do special purpose for Nazi.

Hindenburg Facts 8:  dozens of letters

There were dozens of letters carried aboard in the Hindenburg. They were ultimately delivered actually. It was for the airmail service across the Atlantic.

Hindenburg facts

Hindenburg facts

Hindenburg Facts 9: Hindenburg for Adolf Hitler

There was also the fact that you need to know such as Goebbels who wanted the name of Hindenburg for Adolf Hitler. Yet, Hitler never gained interest to such airship in the first time.

Hindenburg Facts 10: Olympic ring

It was in 1936; Hindenburg pulled large Olympic flag behind it. It was for the opening of the Summer Games in Berlin.



The facts about Hindenburg above only the basics or some of overall facts related to this airship. So, you need to know further about the other facts to learn.

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