10 Interesting Crime Facts

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Crime facts provide the interesting information about the rate and risk of crime. The rate of crime is increased from year to year in big cities. The people living in a big city should be aware by protecting themselves with self defense. Get more facts about crime here:

Crime Facts 1: hate crime incidents

The rate of hate crime incident is very high.  In 2011, the report stated that there were 6,222 hate crime incidents. All of them were involved with 7,254 offenses.

Crime Facts 2: what triggers the crime?

There are several reasons on why people conduct a crime. 20 percent is affected by the religious bias. 21 percent is because the sexual orientation bias.  The biggest part for about 47 percent is racially motivated.

Crime facts

Crime facts

Crime Facts 3: a hate crime

One of the most popular crimes conducted by people is a hate crime. In an hour, there is one person conducting a hate crime.

Crime Facts 4: hate crime victims

You can find out the risk of the hate crime victims based on their religion and skin color. A report states that there are three white people, eight black people, one Latin person, three Jewish people, three gay victims each day.

Crime and Jail

Crime and Jail

Crime Facts 5: FBI authority

Since 2009, FBI authority had the authority to investigate the violent hate crimes. The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 allows the institution to involve with the violent crime of bisexual, lesbian, transgender and gay people.

Crime Facts 6: age

The people with the age of 15 to 24 years old have higher risk to commit crime. The report stated that half of the crime was conducted by the people in such age range.

Crime Robbery

Crime Robbery

Crime Facts 7: Hate crimes stem

Hate crimes stem is very unique. People are not born with such hate. They learn the hate from the behavior of the people. The hate sometimes is inherited by a group of people based on the region, sexual or skin color.

Crime Facts 8: burned person

It is estimated that a person is burned every week in the world.

Crime Tape

Crime Tape

Crime Facts 9: law

To make sure that people think twice when they conduct a hate crime, there are 41 states and district Columbia which have a law against hate crime.

Crime Facts 10: psychological effect

The victim as well as the targeted group will experience psychological effect when they face hate crime.



You can avoid the hate crimes by protecting yourself with self defense. Do not walk along at night if you want to be safe from any crime. What do you think on facts about crime?

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