10 Interesting Jeremy Strong Facts

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Another notable English children author is explained in Jeremy Strong facts. Strong’s novel gains recognition from the international world because it is unique, authentic and fun. You can find out his personality, books and personal life by reading the following post below:

Jeremy Strong Facts 1: date of birth

Jeremy Strong was born on November 18th, 1949. He is a famous children author. There are least 77 children novels that he had written.

Jeremy Strong Facts 2: a bad childhood experience

He had a bad childhood experience when he was only three years old. At that time, he had to spend a week in the hospital after he fell out from the window. His right arm was broken.

Jeremy Strong Facts

Jeremy Strong Facts

Jeremy Strong Facts 3: education

In 1968, he left school. He enrolled to York University and took English as his major.

Jeremy Strong Facts 4: jobs

When he was a student he took some odd vacation jobs.  Once he had to put the jam in the donuts when he worked in a bakery.

Jeremy Strong Image

Jeremy Strong Image

Jeremy Strong Facts 5: teacher

After he graduated from the university, he decided to become a junior school teacher.  In his spare time, he began to write books.

Jeremy Strong Facts 6: a full time writer

It seems that writing is embedded in his heart. So Jeremy decides to become a full time writer. Since 1991, he has no longer teaching in junior school.

Jeremy Strong

Jeremy Strong

Jeremy Strong Facts 7: traveling around the world

Even though Jeremy is no longer a teacher, he teaches children through his books. He visits many festivals and schools around the world.

Jeremy Strong Facts 8: BBC children’s TV series

It is such as an honor for Jeremy Strong to have his story aired on BBC children’s TV series. The title of his book is There’s A Viking in My Bed.

Jeremy Strong Writer

Jeremy Strong Writer

Jeremy Strong Facts 9: award

Some of his books win awards. In 1997, The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog got Red House Children’s Book Award.

Jeremy Strong Facts 10: Stuff

His book called Stuff got two awards in 2006. Both are from Manchester Book Award and Bolton Children’s Book Award.

Jeremy Strong Pic

Jeremy Strong Pic

In 2008, Lost! The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog got Blue Peter Book Award. Do you have any more ideas on facts about Jeremy Strong?

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