10 Interesting Helium Facts

Tuesday, March 18th 2014. | Science

Helium facts elaborate the information about the element on earth. This gas can be seen abundance all over the place. If you read the whole post about helium below, you will know the significance and benefits of helium to the life of human being.

Helium Facts 1: open market

Helium can be bought by people in the open market. It was in 1928 that the first helium was sold by companies in the market.

Helium Facts 2: helium in the universe

Helium is not difficult to find out in the universe. It is ranked as the second most abundance element in the world.

Helium Atoms

Helium Atoms

Helium Facts 3: compound

It is not common to see helium bounding with another element to create a compound. So you need to know that Helium is just like neon which cannot create any natural compound. But people can create temporary excimer molecules by using the helium plasma. They will bind it with sulfur, fluorine and sodium.

Helium Facts 4: weight

It is not easy for the gravity of earth to trap or hold on helium because this element is very light.  The helium atom can release and go to the space if they are free on the earth’s atmosphere.

Helium Baloons

Helium Balloons

Helium Facts 5: condensation

By using properties such as a superfluid, the helium can condense into a liquid. It can be conducted if you keep the temperature in the room in absolute zero.

Helium Facts 6: natural radioactive decay

Natural radioactive decay that people find on the crust of earth can be used to generate helium. This helium usually is kept inside a cylinder.  The radioactive elements used to create helium include uranium and thorium.

Helium facts

Helium facts

Helium Facts 7: discovery

Before helium was seen on earth, it was actually existed in the atmosphere of the sun.

Helium Facts 8: production of helium

There are two sources of production of helium on earth atmosphere. It is from the cosmic rays and the decay of radioactive elements that I have explained before.

Helium Pics

Helium Pics

Helium Facts 9: weight of helium production

The decay of radioactive elements such as thorium and uranium can generate 3000 metric tons of helium.

Helium Facts 10: the world’s production of helium

In a year, there is 30,000 metric tons of helium produced in the world.



It will be easy for the people to get the helium from the natural gas field than collecting the helium from the decay of radioactive elements. Do you have any objection on facts about helium?

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