10 Interesting Conrad Richter Facts

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Conrad Richter facts are important to recognize for people who want to study about famous novelist. Conrad Richter has gained popularity among those who love to read novel. I believe those people love to read his facts as well. So, let’s review the facts here.

Conrad Richter Facts 1: who is he?

Not many people know Conrad Richter. He actually was famous novelist in his era. He was one of historical fiction novelists. Some of his famous works are Tacey Cromwell and The Sea of Grass. Those novels have obtained fame among American people.

Conrad Richter Facts 2: before the fame

He was conducted different activities before of his fame. You can find out that he had decided in writing about lyrical fiction of history within early history of American. It was when many historians went to Europe.

Conrad Book

Conrad Book

Conrad Richter Facts 3: the success

He had gained first success from his novel entitled The Sea of Grass. The novel later has been adapted into a movie. It became the attention within United States especially because of the trilogy The Awakening Land.

Conrad Richter Facts 4: family life

Conrad Richter actually had happy living. He grew up in Pennsylvania. It was in Pine Grove, Schuylkill County. He is actually the descendant of Lutheran clergymen. This information is so much common indeed.

Conrad Richter facts

Conrad Richter facts

Conrad Richter Facts 5: association

In the release of his film adapted by Sea of Grass novel, he actually had conducted teamwork and association with Katherine Hepburn. He also had the association with Spencer Tracy.

Conrad Richter Facts 6: Harvena M. Achenbach

He married Harvena M. Achenbach in the year 1915. In the same year, Richter had established his publishing firm. He also started to write stories for children. He also had his own Junior Magazine Book. Next year, his writing occurred in many magazines as well.

Conrad Richter Novel

Conrad Richter Novel

Conrad Richter Facts 7: writing career

He actually wanted to study in certain major such as religion and also philosophy. Yet, he chose writing career instead. In the age of nineteen, he started to write report for the Patton. In order to enhance his quality and writing style, he joined Johnstown.

Conrad Richter Facts 8:  private secretary

Conrad Richter had been the private secretary from the year 1910 up to 1924. He worked to wealthy family Cleveland.

Conrad Richter Pic

Conrad Richter Pic

Conrad Richter Facts 9: Publishing Firm

To gain more money, Richter opened Reading. It was the publishing firm located in Pennsylvania.

Conrad Richter Facts 10: the trilogy

Richter most famous writing is The Awakening Land. It has the titled The Trees, The Fields, and The Town.

Conrad Richter's Book

Conrad Richter’s Book

Many people may obtain facts about Conrad Richter from internet. Yet, this article can become your basic information to learn more about the facts.

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