10 Interesting Giovanni Boccaccio Facts

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Giovanni Boccaccio facts will be so much advantageous to read. More and more people have gained interest to learn about him. So, what I provide below will be your basic info to get further trivia related to this person. Just read below actually.

Giovanni Boccaccio Facts 1: who is he?

He was Italian author. He was recognized and well known for his Latin works. Many people also considered him to be the early person who had the interest in humanism. He also had revived Hellenistic learning.

Giovanni Boccaccio Facts 2:  the culture

The important fact is that his culture was rooted in the middle Ages. Yet, the conception of his life points had moved forward to the Renaissance.

Giovanni Boccaccio Facts

Giovanni Boccaccio Facts

Giovanni Boccaccio Facts 3:  family

The most recognizable one about his family was his father. The name is Boccaccio di Chellino. He was a merchant who come from certain town named Certaldo. He was successful banker in certain company such as Peruzzi and Bardi.

Giovanni Boccaccio Facts 4: birth

People still didn’t know about exact birth date of him. It remained unknown up to now. Yet, some people said that he was born in Paris of a Parisian noble woman.

Giovanni Boccaccio Image

Giovanni Boccaccio Image

Giovanni Boccaccio Facts 5: Latin study

Giovanni had the interest to study Latin in 1321. Yet, his father didn’t provide him with encouragement. Later, Giovanni went to Naples in order to study commerce.

Giovanni Boccaccio Facts 6: canon law

He had spent 6 years as fruitless apprenticeship. Later he abandoned the commerce and gained interest to study about canon law. It was for next 6 years. The fact is that he regretted such lost time of 6 years before.

Giovanni Boccaccio Pic

Giovanni Boccaccio Pic

Giovanni Boccaccio Facts 7: Fiammetta

He had his earliest composition. It preceded his love for Fiammetta. The name of the composition was
Caccia di Diana. It can be considered to be the most unique fact about him.

Giovanni Boccaccio Facts 8:  father’s bankruptcy

His father suffered from bankruptcy in 1340. This affected the life of the entire family’s life actually. This also became the reason why Giovanni returned to Florence.

Giovanni Boccaccio Statue

Giovanni Boccaccio Statue

Giovanni Boccaccio Facts 9: the prophecy

There was a monk who brought prophecy of imminent death to Giovanni. This made him to abandon his studies and becoming religious person.

Giovanni Boccaccio Facts 10: the death

He died in later 1374. He died in Certaldo and buried in certain church named SS. Michele e Jacopo.

Giovanni Boccaccio

Giovanni Boccaccio

Although not all people are interested in learning facts about Giovanni Boccaccio, there will be no disadvantage to at least get the info above right? I hope so.

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