10 Interesting Kate Chopin Facts

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If you like to study about feminism, you can read the famous writer in Kate Chopin facts. Kate Chopin is an American writer of novels and short stories. Most of her stories involved with the subject of feminism.  Let’s find out about her works and personal life by reading the following post:

Kate Chopin Facts 1: date of birth

Kate Chopin was born on 8 February 1850. Her real name was Katherine O’Flaherty. Kate Chopin was famous an American feminist author in the era of 20th century.

Kate Chopin Facts 2: magazine publication

During her early career, Kate Chopin spent her time writing short stories for adults and children. Most of them were published in various magazines such as Vogue, Atlantic Monthly, The Youth’s Companion and The Century Magazine in 1892 to 1895.

kate chopin face

kate chopin face

Kate Chopin Facts 3: two short story collections

There were several short stories collections that she created in her life. But there are two major collections that people love to read. Both were A Night in Acadia (1897) and Bayou Folk (1894).

Kate Chopin Facts 4: The famous short stories

If you are interested with the short stories of Kate Chopin, you can read “The Story of an Hour” (1894), “Desiree’s Baby”, and “The Storm”(1898).

kate chopin facts

kate chopin facts

Kate Chopin Facts 5: novels

There are two major novels that Kate Chopin had written. You can read The Awakening 1899 and At Fault 1890.  The setting of the novel was in Grand Isle and New Orleans.

Kate Chopin Facts 6: characters

If you have read most of her stories, you find out that most characters came from Louisiana. The setting of place in the stories was mostly in Natchitoches. It is located in the north central of Louisiana.

kate chopin novel

kate chopin novel

Kate Chopin Facts 7: parents

Let’s talk about the parents of Kate Chopin. Her mother was Eliza fariz. She was a member of French community in St Louis. Her father was from Galway, Ireland.  He was a great deal businessman.

Kate Chopin Facts 8: Athénaïse Charleville

Kate Chopin has a maternal grandmother. Her name was Athénaïse Charleville.  She was a mix of French and Canadian descent. Read the works of French writer in Jules Verne facts.

kate chopin writer

kate chopin writer

Kate Chopin Facts 9: close relation

After her father died in 1855, she built good relation with the women in the family such as her great grandmother, grandmother and mother.

Kate Chopin Facts 10: reader

Before she developed her skill of writing, she was an avid reader. She liked reading religious allegories, poetry, fairy tales, contemporary novels and classic novels.

kate chopin

kate chopin

When Kate Chopin was only 20, she married to Oscar Chopin. Both had six children. Kate died on 20th August 1904 after she faced a brain hemorrhage. Do you have any questions on facts about Kate Chopin?

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