10 Interesting Mary Tudor Facts

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Mary Tudor Facts provide the detail information about the Princess of England. She was called bloody Mary after she burned 300 Protestants during her reign as a queen. If you are interested with facts about Mary Tudor, you need to read the following post below.

Mary Tudor Facts 1: skill

Mary Tudor was very skilful in music. She was able to master harpsichord and lute when she was only four years old.

Mary Tudor Facts 2: Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour is another wife of King Henry VIII. Even though Jane was not her mother, Mary gave her cucumbers from her garden. Jane Seymour was pregnant with the future Edward VI who would become a king. Check Edward VI facts here.

Mary Tudor  Pic

Mary Tudor Pic

Mary Tudor Facts 3: Princess of Wales

Mary Tudor was called as Princess Wales during her young age. But actually her father never gave her any title. She was called bastard after her father wanted to have annulment of marriage with Catherine of Aragon. At that time, his father was obsessed with Anne Boleyn.

Mary Tudor Facts 4: godparents

Mary Tudor had several godparents. One of them was Countess of Salisbury, Margaret Pole. Then she became her governess and close friend. Another godparent was Countess of Devon, Katherine. She was her great aunt because Katherine was the daughter of Edward IV.

Mary Tudor Facts

Mary Tudor Facts

Mary Tudor Facts 5: short-sighted

Do you know that Mary was a short sighted princess?

Mary Tudor Facts 6: Prince Edward

Prince Edward was the half brother of Mary. His mother was Jane Seymour who died several days after giving birth to Edward.  In May 1546, he sent a letter to Katherine Parr, his stepmother to warn Mary about her dances.

Mary Tudor Image

Mary Tudor Image

Mary Tudor Facts 7: Philip of Spain

Philip of Spain was the future husband of Mary. Both met for the first time at Bishop’s Palace, Winchester on 23 July 1554.

Mary Tudor Facts 8: short meeting

Mary and Philip had a short meeting for the first time in garden. It was very private. Two days after the meeting, both tied the knot in Winchester Cathedral.

Mary Tudor Movie

Mary Tudor Movie

Mary Tudor Facts 9: wardrobe

Mary Tudor loved exquisite jewelry, wardrobe and fashion. The cost of the Great wardrobe was £18,000. But the it was reduced to £6,000.

Mary Tudor Facts 10: an illegitimate daughter

Mary agreed to say that the marriage of his father and mother was invalid. Therefore she was only an illegitimate daughter in June 1536.

Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor

Due to the obedience of Mary, her father gave her a ring. Do you want to comment on facts about Mary Tudor?

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