10 Interesting Walter Payton Facts

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Let me show you the information about the notable American football running back on Walter Payton Facts. Payton was born on 25th July 1954 and died on 1st November 1999. He spent 13 seasons as a player for Chicago Bears. Payton was often dubbed as Sweetness in National Football League. The fans also remember him due to his amazing record of all-purpose yards, carries, touchdowns, rushing yard and others.

Walter Payton Facts 1: honors

In 1993, his name was selected for Pro Football Hall of Fame. Payton was described by Mike Ditka as the greatest human being and football player. Ditka was a coach and player.

Walter Payton Facts 2: the beginning of football career

The early football career of Payton was started in Mississippi. He was selected as an all-American when he was at Jackson State University.

Walter Payton Image

Walter Payton Image

Walter Payton Facts 3: the professional career

In 1975, Payton began his professional football career where he played for Chicago Bears. He was selected at the fourth overall pick in 1975 NFL draft. Get facts about Victor Hugo here.

Walter Payton Facts 4: the impressive records

In 1985, Chicago Bears appeared as the winner of Super Bowl XX. Payton became the winner of NFL Most Valuable Player twice.

Walter Payton

Walter Payton

Walter Payton Facts 5: the health condition

Payton suffered from sclerosing cholangitis for a couple months. It was a rare liver disease. On 1st November 1999, he passed away at the age of 45 due to cholangiocarcinoma.

Walter Payton Facts 6: the legacy of Payton

The Walter Payton Man of the Year Award and Walter Payton Award are the two awards named after him.

Walter Payton Facts

Walter Payton Facts

Walter Payton Facts 7: the family background

Talking about his family background, his father worked in a factory. His name was Peter Payton. His mother was Alyne Payton.

Walter Payton Facts 8: the college career

Payton had played with the future professional football players when he studied at Jackson State. Jackie Slater, Robert Brazile and Jerome Barkum were some of them. Look at facts about Walter Dean Myers here.

Walter Payton Pic

Walter Payton Pic

Walter Payton Facts 9: the best performance

Payton rushed with 20 carries for 134 yards during the final game of Chicago Bears against New Orleans Saints. It was considered as the best performance of Payton.

Walter Payton Facts 10: the memorable performance

The memorable performance of Payton was on a game conducted on 20th November 1977. Chicago Bears was against Minnesota Vikings. During the game, Payton rushed for 275 yards.

Facts about Walter Payton

Facts about Walter Payton

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