10 Interesting Julia Gillard Facts

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If you like to know the first women in Australia to hold an important position, you need to read Julia Gillard facts. She was the 27th prime minister of Australia. Her popularity made her sit on the highest seat in Australian government. Let me show you the detail information about Gillard in the post below:

Julia Gillard Facts 1: date of birth

Julia was born on September 29th, 1961. She was the leader of Australian labor party from 2010 to 2013.

Julia Gillard Facts 2: prime minister

What makes her famous is her position as the 27th prime minister in Australia. She was considered as the first women to hold the highest position in Australia. Look at Australia facts here.

Julia Gillard Beauty

Julia Gillard Beauty

Julia Gillard Facts 3: early life

This wonderful woman was born in Barry Wales. However, her family decided to move to Australia and lived in Adelaide in 1966.

Julia Gillard Facts 4: education

She was educated at Mitcham Demonstration School and Unley High School for the early education. Then she was enrolled to University of Melbourne in 1982.  In 1986, she earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws

Julia Gillard Facts

Julia Gillard Facts

Julia Gillard Facts 5: job

Her first job after graduating from the university was in law firm Slater & Gordon in 1987.  The firm focused in the industrial law.

Julia Gillard Facts 6: House of Representatives

She got a seat in the house of representative in 1998. She won a seat of labor in the federal election in Australia.

Julia Gillard Pic

Julia Gillard Pic

Julia Gillard Facts 7: Shadow Cabinet

She became the member of the shadow cabinet after the election in 2001.  She got a Population and Immigration portfolio in the shadow cabinet.

Julia Gillard Facts 8: Reconciliation and Indigenous Affairs and Health

She got another responsibility in 2003. She had to care Reconciliation and Indigenous Affairs and Health.

Julia Gillard PM

Julia Gillard PM

Julia Gillard Facts 9: the first female Deputy Prime Minister

In the federal election in 2007, Julia Gillard was elected as the first female Deputy Prime Minister. During the similar year, she was elected in some important positions such as Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Minister for Education and Minister for Social Inclusion.

Julia Gillard Facts 10: parents

Her parents are John and Moira Gillard.  Her father passed away in 2012.

Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard

Her mother, Moira resides in Pasadena, South Australia. Gillard has a sister. Her name is Allison. Do you have any objection on facts about Julia Gillard?

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