10 Interesting Colonel Gaddafi Facts

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Find out Colonel Gaddafi facts in article below. When people remember Colonel Gaddafi, they always think about the tyrant in Libya. The man had passes away. However, it still makes people curious about the life of this man in Libya.

Colonel Gaddafi Facts 1: electricity bill

It is true to say that the people living in Libya are free from any electricity bill. This is a falsehood by there is no free electricity in this African country.

Colonel Gaddafi Facts 2: interest of loan

Another fabrication story was the 0 percent interest of the loan for the Libyans. All kinds of loans should be paid along with the interest. The people who wanted to get the medical treatment to Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia have to borrow money from the state owned banks.


Colonel Gaddafi facts

Colonel Gaddafi facts

Colonel Gaddafi Facts 3: home

At first, Gaddafi stated that he will give home to all people living in Libya because it was considered as a human right. However, in 1969, many people still lived homeless.

Colonel Gaddafi Facts 4: newlyweds

Let me tell you about another fabrication story created by Gaddafi reign.  The newlywed couples are rumored to get 60,000 Libyan dinars. In facts, many people cannot get married because of the low income.



Colonel Gaddafi Facts 5: private hospital

It is true that under the reign of Gaddafi, you do not need to spend any money for the medical treatment. However, you are not lucky enough to get the sterile syringe, clean bedding and appropriate standard medical treatment. To enjoy the high quality treatment, you need to have more cash from the private hospital.

Colonel Gaddafi Facts 6: farming

It is blatant lie to believe that the Libyans who take up the farming career get equipment, livestock, seeds and farming land.

Colonel Gaddafi Libya

Colonel Gaddafi Libya

Colonel Gaddafi Facts 7: government funds

Government funds are used by Gaddafi for their own personal interest. You need to realize how magnificent his palace is. He used to live here with his wives and kids.

Colonel Gaddafi Facts 8: cars

It seems that the Libyans cannot enjoy affordable cars. In the end of 1970s, the cars were imported by the government so that people had to buy them in high price.

Colonel Gaddafi

Colonel Gaddafi

Colonel Gaddafi Facts 9: petrol

Even though Libya is considered as the producer of oil, the price of the oil in the country is similar with the on in USA.

Colonel Gaddafi Facts 10: tyranny

Gaddafi is considered as a tyrant because he led Libya in 42 years. He lived well with the money from the people of Libya.

Colonel Gaddafis Soldiers

Colonel Gaddafis Soldiers

Muammar Gaddafi became the leader in Libya after he overthrown the King Idris of Libya in 1969. Do you have any opinion on facts about Colonel Gaddafi?

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