10 Interesting Louis Pasteur Facts

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Louis Pasteur facts present the interesting facts about the microbiologist and chemist from France. He contributed a lot to the discoveries of vaccination and immune system. Let’s find out more about Pasteur by reading the following post below:

Louis Pasteur Facts 1: pasteurization process

Pasteurization process is very important to treat beer and milk. This process has been used until this present day.  The one who invented the pasteurization process is Louis Pasteur.

Louis Pasteur Facts 2: concept of right and left handed

Louis Pasteur is the man who created the concept of left handed and right handed in 1848. He explained that this concept was seen on the molecules in our body.

Louis Pasteur Facts

Louis Pasteur Facts

Louis Pasteur Facts 3: chicken cholera

Louis Pasteur created his first vaccines in 1879. It was used to cure chicken cholera disease.

Louis Pasteur Facts 4: vaccination

Pasteur coined the term vaccination.  Before his death in 1895, he invented the rabies vaccine. Pasteur was a great scientist. Even though he was partially paralyzed, he still continued his research.  In 1868, he suffered from a brain stroke.

Louis Pasteur Image

Louis Pasteur Image

Louis Pasteur Facts 5: Paris Pasteur institute

In 1887, Paris Pasteur institute was established. You can see his tomb here. It was decorated with all achievements as a scientist.

Louis Pasteur Facts 6: Legion of Honor

Legion of Honor is the title that Louis Pasteur got from the esteemed French order. Because of his contribution in the scientific world, he was honored with a title Grand Croix.

Louis Pasteur Vaccine

Louis Pasteur Vaccine

Louis Pasteur Facts 7: shaking hand

Louis Pasteur has a weird behavior. He never shakes hands with other people because he was afraid having contact with the diseases through the hand shaking.

Louis Pasteur Facts 8: vaccines

There are several types of vaccines that he had created. Some of them include vaccines of yellow fever, diphtheria, cholera, rabies, plague, anthrax and tuberculosis.

Louis Pasteur Scientist

Louis Pasteur Scientist

Louis Pasteur Facts 9: date of birth

Pasteur was born on 27th December 1822 in Dole, France. He passed away on 28th September 1895.

Louis Pasteur Facts 10: early life

Pasteur was very poor.  He liked singing and art. As a teenager, he realized that he loved science. Check another scientist in Jonas Salk facts.

Louis Pasteur Vaccine

Louis Pasteur Vaccine

Pasteur wanted to become a science teacher when he went to college in 1838. Some degrees that he got from the college include physics, mathematics and chemistry. Do you want to share ideas on facts about Louis Pasteur?

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