10 Interesting Gosport Facts

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Gosport facts can be your knowledge to know this town. This is a famous town in UK even globally. Well, to recognize better about the town, you should know how to be take benefit from the facts below. This town has much information that many of you have not recognized yet actually.

Gosport Facts 1: about Gosport

This town had become the military and major naval town for the last quarter within 20th century. This town was associated with supply and defense infrastructure of HMNB Portsmouth. Therefore, it was really important town actually.

Gosport Facts 2:  geography

There was Gilkicker Point at the southern tip of the Gosport peninsula. It was the exact location of Fort Gilkicker. The west point is the location of Stokes Bay and also the Browndown Battery. In the east part, you may see some places including Fort Blockhouse, Haslar Hospital, and also Fort Monckton.

Gosport Area

Gosport Area

Gosport Facts 3:  early name

The early name of this town was Goseport. It was believed that it derives from the word “goose”. It was alternative etymology of “gorse”. People there also often suffer from the difficulty in getting the regional name of the plant such as “furze”.

Gosport Facts 4: God’s Port Our Haven

The town actually had the motto such as God’s Port Our Haven. It claims to be the derivation from God’s Port. Even King Stephen was survived there by conducting safe landing within the storm. It was in the year 1144.

Gosport Church

Gosport Church

Gosport Facts 5: Royal Hospital Haslar

There was Royal Hospital Haslar there. It was formally to be the last military hospital of the UK. In 2007, it was closed as the military site. The hospital was opened in 1753. The purpose was to serve military personnel.

Gosport. Gosport Facts 6:  transportation

This was considered to be the largest town within Britain. Yet, it had no railway station operating. What people can take benefit the most is the Ferry which becomes the fast access to Portsmouth. It was because of the huge traffic, this Ferry became so much popular.

Gosport Facts

Gosport Facts

Gosport Facts 7: present day

Many people living in Gosport had taken benefit from it as the dormitory town. The number of people who conduct out commuting of the town for the each day was 18,200. It was in 2001.

Gosport Facts 8:  International Festival

There is International Festival of the Sea. It drew more 250,000 tourists to Portsmouth Harbour. It was in the year 1998, 2001, and also 2005. The recent festival had taken place in the year 2007.

Gosport Pic

Gosport Pic

Gosport Facts 9: Gosport Borough F.C

There was a team Gosport Borough F.C who had played the home games at Privett Park. This had involved the players in both sex and also the players having the age 6 above.

Gosport Facts 10: overall about Gosport

This was recognized as well as the home to Little Woodham.



The information and facts about Gosport indeed can be so much beneficial for any of you who want to discuss about the facts below. This can be the trigger for people who want to visit Gosport as vacation. Just be careful about it.

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