10 Interesting Gloucester Facts

Monday, February 24th 2014. | Cities

Gloucester facts offer the information about the city in Britain. The longest river in Britain called the river Severn flowing around Gloucester. It has the length around 354 kilometers or 220 miles. If you want to know more about the city, read the whole facts below:

Gloucester Facts 1: outstanding beauty

Gloucester is a wonderful city with beautiful landscape. If you want to visit this city, you can go to the area called the cotswodls. You should never ruin the landscape here for it is protected by law.

Gloucester Facts 2: different landscape

Gloucester is filled with a wide array of landscaping style. You can find a picnic site and miles of woods by going to the Royal Forest of Dean. If you want to enjoy the building in regency time created around 1800s, you can go to the cities of Bath and Cheltenham.

Gloucester City

Gloucester City

Gloucester Facts 3: Tewkesbury

Those who love with black and white medieval building which presents classic life style can go to Tewkesbury.

Gloucester Facts 4: Royal Forest of Dean

If you want to visit Royal Forest of Dean, you just have to go to the west side of Gloucester. It is located just next to south Wales.

Gloucester courtyard

Gloucester courtyard

Gloucester Facts 5: famous celebs

This city is a home to many famous celebrities. Those include Alex James, Kate Moss and Kate Winslett. When JK Rowling was nine years old, he was bought up in Gloucester.

Gloucester Facts 6: cities around Gloucester

Gloucester was bordered by three cities forming a triangle. The north area is bordered by Stratford-upon- Avon. To the east and west, you can see Oxford and Bath.

Gloucester Facts

Gloucester Facts

Gloucester Facts 7: Cheese Rolling

Many local people are attracted to gather on traditional events held annually in the city. The most popular one is the Cheese Rolling.  You can visit Gloucester in May. The event is conducted on the steep hill. The people had to chase and grab the rolled cheese from the hill.

Gloucester Facts 8: Birdland Park and Gardens

One of the best attractions in Gloucester is Birdland Park and Gardens. It was built in 1957. You can find different kinds of bird here. There are different kinds of toucans, falcons, parrots, ibis, pigeons, and hornbills.

Gloucester Old Building

Gloucester Old Building

Gloucester Facts 9: Bourton Model Railway

Bourton Model Railway is another vocation place that you can visit with your family and friends. The first opening indoor modern of railways can be seen here. Children love to visit the model railways.

Gloucester Facts 10: Clearwell Caves

Clearwell Caves is located in Clearweel.  This is the underground mining which has a wonderful natural cave. It has been there for more than 4500 years.



If you decide to visit Great Britain, you can find out a lot of places to visit with family and friends. Are you fascinated with facts about Gloucester?

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