10 Interesting Kazakhstan Facts

Tuesday, May 20th 2014. | Countries

If you want to know the biggest landlocked country in the world, you can read Kazakhstan facts. Kazakhstan is not bordered with oceans or even seas. This country is the place for more than 120 different nationalities. Here are the amazing facts about Kazakhstan to know:

Kazakhstan Facts 1: population

Not many people live in Kazakhstan.  In each square kilometer, there are less than 6 people living here.

Kazakhstan Facts 2: name

The name Kazakhstan is derived room the word Kazakh. You can translate the word as a wanderer and independent. Many people believe that the first man who rode a horse came from Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan at Night

Kazakhstan at Night

Kazakhstan Facts 3: new Year

The New Year in the world is celebrated on 1st December. The people in Kazakhstan have different day when they celebrate the new year of Kazakhstan. They do the celebration on 22nd of March.

Kazakhstan Facts 4: naval force

If you think that Kazakhstan does not have naval force, you are wrong. Even though the country is landlocked without any oceans or seas, the people there still have naval army.

Kazakhstan facts

Kazakhstan facts

Kazakhstan Facts 5: sugar and coffee

The favorite drink of the people in Kazakhstan is coffee with a lot of sugar. Unlike other countries in the world, the people here like their coffee very sweet. If you go to the bakeries in the country, you will be served with cakes, pastries and sweets.

Kazakhstan Facts 6: size

Based on its size, Kazakhstan is placed in the ninth position of the largest country in the world. However, the people living here are only 16 million inhabitants.

Kazakhstan Tourism

Kazakhstan Tourism

Kazakhstan Facts 7: capital city

Do you know the name of the capital city of Kazakhstan? It is called Astana. The location of this city is on the central northern region. If you go to Kazakhstan, you need to visit Astana. It is a good place with great view and skyline. Find out another big city in Kathmandu facts.

Kazakhstan Facts 8: Baikonur Cosmodome

Baikonur Cosmodome is considered as the first and largest space launch facility in the world. It is located in Kazakhstan. The launch facility is still kept by the Russian people until 2050.

Kazakhstan View

Kazakhstan View

Kazakhstan Facts 9: Almaty

Even though Astana is considered as the capital city in Kazakhstan, it is not the primary city. Almaty is the main city is Kazakhstan. You can find beautiful building, scenic view, and snow capped mountain in Almaty. There are 1.5 million people live here.

Kazakhstan Facts10: a brand-new Metro System

A brand-new Metro System was released in a Kazakhstan in 2011. This transportation is a good option for the people who want to travel all over Kazakhstan.



The women in Kazakhstan are very beautiful.  You can see them dressed with high heels and nice gowns. Do you have any suggestion on facts about Kazakhstan?

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