10 Interesting George Villiers Facts

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George Villiers facts present the information about the first Duke of Buckingham. It is estimated that he was the lover of King James I of England. We do not know whether it is true or not. Let’s find out the real facts about the first Duke in the following post below:

George Villiers Facts 1: early life

Let’s talk about the early life of Villiers. He was born in August 1592 in Brooks, Leicestershire.   His mother was the daughter of Anthony Beaumont of Glenfield, Mary. His father was the son of Sir George Villiers.

George Villiers Facts 2: education

Villiers was sent to France with Sir John Eliot by his mother. At that time, his mother had to support him alone since she was a widow.

George Villiers Facts 3: training

His mother could train him well. There is no need to wonder if Villiers can fence and dance well.  He was a bright student. Talking about his language ability, he could spend French a bit.

George Villiers face

George Villiers face

George Villiers Facts 4: the handsomest body’s man

With his wonderful physical appearance, it only needed a short time for Villiers to gain the title as the handsomest bodied man in England. To make the king fancy on him, he was carried in front of the King James. Soon he was called by the king as an awed child and wife.

George Villiers family

George Villiers family

George Villiers Facts 5: controversial issues

The relationship between Villiers and the king remains debatable at this time. However, there are several opinions of saying that the relation between the two involves love.

George Villiers Facts 6: Bishop John Oglander

Bishop John Oglander said that the relation between Villiers and the king was more than the love of a husband to his beautiful wife. He wrote it in 1615.

George Villiers Image

George Villiers Image

George Villiers Facts 7: the King’s love for Villiers

In his bedchamber, there is an unknown passage for the king. It was stated that the writer is willingly to live in the world only for the sake of the king. He will also live and die as a lover for the king.

George Villiers Facts 8: knight

The king knighted Villiers in 1615. He was the gentleman of the bedchamber at that time.

George Villiers Pic

George Villiers Pic

George Villiers Facts 9: peerage

It seems that the king was in favor with Villiers. His career was in advance because of the king’s support. In 1616, he was appointed as the Viscount Villiers. In 1623, he was the Duke of Buckingham.

George Villiers Facts 10: York House

He acquired the York House located on the Strand in 1620s. In 1672, his son sold this house to the developer in the rate of £30,000.

George Villiers

George Villiers

Villiers married to Lady Katherine Manners. Both have four children. Those are Mary Villiers, Charles Villiers, George Villiers and Lord Francis Villiers. What do you think on facts about George Villiers?

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