10 Interesting Nat Turner Facts

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Nat Turner Facts present the facts about the famous preacher from Southampton Country plantation. He was born into slavery on 2 October 1800. He claimed himself as the person who would release slaves from God. Here are facts about Nat Turner for you.

Nat Turner Facts 1: Life span

Nat Turner was born on 2 October 1800 in Southampton County, Virginia. He passed away on 11 November 1831 in Jerusalem, Virginia.

Nat Turner Facts 2: Nat Turner – Slave Rebellion

One of the largest slave uprisings in America was led by Nat Turner. He wanted to end the slavery institution which makes the life of the African American people suffered a lot. Learn facts about slavery here.

Nat Turner Facts

Nat Turner Facts

Nat Turner Facts 3: Benjamin Turner

Nat Turner was born in Benjamin Turner’s plantation in Southampton, Virginia.  The name of his mother was Nancy. But he did not know his father. When living in the plantation, he was allowed to read, write and embrace religion.

Nat Turner Facts 4: special talents

Many people believe that Nat Turner had special talent even when he was not born.  He spent more of his time fasting, praying, and reading Bible. Turner was a very religious man.

Nat Turner Image

Nat Turner Image

Nat Turner Facts 5: different plantations

There were many kinds of different plantations that Tuner worked. In 1821, he escaped from the plantation of Samuel Turner. But he decided to come to Samuel Turner’s plantation after he spent 30 days hiding inside the woods. He stated that it was the sign for the God to ask him to come back on the plantation.

Nat Turner Facts 6: Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore was his next owner after Samuel Turner died. Then he became the slave of his window. When the window of Thomas Moore married again, he became the slave of John Travis, her husband.

Nat Turner Pic

Nat Turner Pic

Nat Turner Facts 7: black and white spirits

Nat Turner felt the black and white spirit conflict in 1825. He believed that he heard the divine voice and believed in signs. Three years after this conflict, he believed that he got a message from God.

Nat Turner Facts 8: Travis family murder

In February 1831, Turner realized that the time had come for him to abolish slavery. The sign was from the solar eclipse which happened in that date.  There were some men who joined him in the mission. He and his members killed Travis family and white slave owners.

Nat Turner Slave

Nat Turner Slave

Nat Turner Facts 9: more supporters

Nat Turner soon got a lot of supporters from other slaves. There were more members joined him and revolved against the white people. Some sources stated that he and his members had killed 55 white men, children and women during the rebellion of Turner.

Nat Turner Facts 10: conflict with a group of armed white men

Turner had a plan to reach county of Jerusalem. But he had to run away in the wood after he and his members met a group of armed white men in the plantation.

Nat Turner

Nat Turner

On 30 October 1831, Nat Turner was captured. Thomas R. Gray was his lawyer who wrote the confession of Turner. He believed that his rebellion was the message and work of God. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Nat Turner?

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