10 Interesting Justin Bieber Facts

Tuesday, September 24th 2013. | People

Justin Bieber facts give you the full information about one of the famous idols in the world. Many girls love Justin. Besides being a wonderful singer, this Canadian boy never stops making sensation.  But the Beliebers still love him much and wait for his next album to release. Here are at tops 10 facts about Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber Facts 1: Album

The popularity of Justin Bieber is unbelievable until this day. He is considered as the youngest artist in the world who has five number albums in America.

Justin Bieber Facts 2: Favorite Movie

Justin Bieber is just like any other boys in the world. He likes watching movies. He says that his favorite movie is The Notebook.

Justin Bieber Cute

Justin Bieber Cute

Justin Bieber Facts 3: Concert

When he made a concert in Salt Lake City Utah on 7 January 2013, he delayed the start of his concert because he was visiting a girl with leukemia. She was only 7 years old.

Justin Bieber Facts 4: Bieber’s 3D Concert Film and Documentary

Bieber’s 3D concert film and documentary is successful. The final gross for this movie is around $100 million. The film is entitled never Say Never in 2011.

Justin Bieber Facts

Justin Bieber Facts

Justin Bieber Facts 5: Father

Justin father is a former fighter. He is Jeremy Bieber.

Justin Bieber Facts 6: Favorite Shows and Food

Justin’s favorite shows include Smallville and friends. He likes eating Frosted Mini-Wheats and cereals Cap’n Crunch Berries.

Justin Bieber Handsome

Justin Bieber Handsome

Justin Bieber Facts 7: Disneyland

It seems that Disneyland is his favorite place to visit. When Justin was still dating Selena Gomez, both spent Valentine’s Day together in this place. Both also performed in 2011 Disney Christmas Parade.

Justin Bieber Facts 8: Followers on Twitters

On 21 January 2013, Justin has the most followers around 35.1 million people. This record can surpass Lady Gaga’s followers.  The followers for Bieber now are more than the number of people living in Canada.

Justin Bieber tatoos

Justin Bieber tatoos

Justin Bieber Facts 9: Hair Cut

When you see Justin Bieber, you will be impressed with the hair cut. One gossip publication claims that his hair cut costs around $750.

Justin Bieber Facts 10: Alternative Job

If someone asks him to pick another job, he wanted to be an architect.

Justin Bieber Young

Justin Bieber Young

In 2011 and 2013, Justin Bieber appeared in Saturday Night Live. During his first appearance in Saturday Night Live, he was paired with Dana Carvey.  Bieber performed as a Church Lady Sketch. This character actually was debuted by Dana Carvey 8 years before the singer was born in the world. Justin now is teenager and he has some tattoos on his body. In his left arm, he has the word Believe and an owl. In his hip, he sports a tattoo of a bird. In his chest he got a crown and roman numeral. Talking about his favorite site, he likes accessing FreeTypingGame.net. What do you think on facts about Justin Bieber?

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