10 Interesting Gender Psychology Facts

Monday, February 10th 2014. | Human

It will be interesting to discuss about gender psychology facts. When talking about the psychology of men and women, both are different.   Sometimes women cannot understand men, and the other way around. This condition is very normal since each gender has their own perspective when delivering their point of view. Find out about the gender psychology by reading the following post:

Gender Psychology Facts 1: orientating objects

Compared to females, males are better when it comes about orienting the objects. So you do not need to wonder when you find out that men can read the maps well.

Gender Psychology Facts 2: communication

Women also have some strength.  If you compare them to men, they are good at communicating. The female brain contains larger limbic cortex. It is functional for problem solving.

Gender and psychology

Gender and psychology

Gender Psychology Facts 3: information process

The process of information is more rapidly occurred to women than to men. It is due to the fact that the female brain has more white matter. The males have more grey matter.

Gender Psychology Facts 4: gender role separation on men

The gender role separation produces when the baby is born. People always associate color with gender. When you have a baby boy, you choose the masculine color schemes such as blue or red. You can see that baby boy always has blue blanket, drapery and clothes.

Gender Psychology Book

Gender Psychology Book

Gender Psychology Facts 5: gender separation on women

The gender separation on women also occurs when the baby girl is born on earth. The parents always use pink and purple as the feminine color.  This gender construct is not determined by the biological issues, but the social construct.

Gender Psychology Facts 6: sex

Men are always associated with sex. It is stated that the libido of men is considered higher compared to women. It is not always true because women tend to be selective when showing their desire to have sex.

Gender Psychology facts

Gender Psychology facts

Gender Psychology Facts 7: emotional connection

When having sex, women always try to find the emotional connection. That’s why men have to give them a good foreplay before they have penetration.

Gender Psychology Facts 8: logic

When you engage a conversation with men, they tend to talk about logical thinking.  You will never see any emotional expression on the male conversation. They learn that emotional quotation is a weakness.

Gender Psychology Rest Room

Gender Psychology Rest Room

Gender Psychology Facts 9: emotion

It will be easier for a woman to show their emotion in front of people. When you see women laugh, cry, or even sympathize, they have normal activities.

Gender Psychology Facts 10: stress

The way the women and men dealing with stress is different. Women avoid it by joining or socializing with others. On the other hand, men love to fly away or even get fight with others.

Gender Psychology

Gender Psychology

By knowing the gender differences, you know the ways to deal with men and women. Do you have opinion on facts about gender psychology?

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