10 Interesting Ivan Pavlov Facts

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Ivan Pavlov facts are beneficial for those who really want to learn further about him. There are many different things that you don’t know yet about Ivan Pavlov. Just be more concerned in learning further about how to review the facts.

Ivan Pavlov Facts 1: birth

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was born on September 14, 1849. It was in Ryazan, Russ. This has become so much recommended for any of you who learn about this aspect of consideration. The way you look for reference of it will be your basic of consideration.

Ivan Pavlov Facts 2: family

His father actually was the local priest and had worked in the fields along with Ivan’s mother during the day.  This has been so much recommended for any people who look for the best information related to his life.

Ivan Pavlov

Ivan Pavlov

Ivan Pavlov Facts 3: study

He actually was abandoned his study in religion in 1870. Later, he enrolled within University of St. Petersburg. It was because the inspiration of ideas by I.M Sechenove who was the father of Russian physiology. Ivan had enrolled in natural science actually.

Ivan Pavlov Facts 4: graduation

It was in 1875 when he graduated with the degree as Candidate of Natural Sciences. However, he wanted to gain more education in physiology. He later enrolled in the Academy of Medical Surgery. He was awarded by another gold medal.

Ivan Pavlov facts

Ivan Pavlov facts

Ivan Pavlov Facts 5: marriage

It was in 1881 when he married Seraphima Vasilievna Karchevskaya. She was a student. They had 5 children from such marriage. Yet, one of their kids died in childhood.

Ivan Pavlov Facts 6: professor

He was appointed as professor at St. Petersburg Military –Medical Academy. It was in 1890.

Ivan Pavlov Image

Ivan Pavlov Image

Ivan Pavlov Facts 7: research of digestion physiology

It was during 1891-1900 when he conducted his research on digestion physiology. It was at Institute of Experimental Medicine.

Ivan Pavlov Facts 8:  Russian Academy of Sciences

It was in 1901 when he was elected as corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This fact has inspired many people at the time.

Ivan Pavlov Nobel

Ivan Pavlov Nobel

Ivan Pavlov Facts 9: Nobel Prize address

It was in 1904 during his Nobel Prize address. Pavlov had introduced his findings on conditioned reflexes of it.

Ivan Pavlov Facts 10: honorary doctorate degree

He also had obtained honorary doctorate degree from Cambridge University. It was in the year 1912 actually.

Ivan Pavlov pic

Ivan Pavlov pic

You can gather more facts about Ivan Pavlov if you really know how to make sure that there are people who have gained more and more reviews about him as the trigger to do research about famous people out there.

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