10 Interesting Simon Cowell Facts

Thursday, December 19th 2013. | People

Simon Cowell facts for any fans will be great information. Simon Cowell is well known for his involvement in X-factors. There are some facts that you really need to know about him. The purpose is to gain better recognition about this man.

Simon Cowell Facts 1: childhood

Simon has a good childhood environment. He was born in 1959. It was in Brighton. His father is Eric who is the executive of EMI record. His mother is a former dancer. He had never suffered from problems especially in the aspect of finance.

Simon Cowell Facts 2: first music involvement

Simon Cowell has his first involvement in music within EMI record. Any people should know the reason right? It is because the role of his father in such record. His first career is too much comfortable I think.

Simon Cowell facts

Simon Cowell facts

Simon Cowell Facts 3: technophobe

Some people don’t know that he is a technophobe. It is certain mental problem which makes him hating technology. He said that he doesn’t know how to use technology. Even the fact he doesn’t want to know about any of them.

Simon Cowell Facts 4: Mr. Nasty

People recognize him as the Mr. Nasty. Although he has such kind of image, he is a funny person and really polite. He doesn’t like people who show rudeness to stewardesses or also waiters. The true characteristic is a mystery I think.

Simon Cowell on TV

Simon Cowell on TV

Simon Cowell Facts 5: acerbic person?

In the Television, Simon usually appears as acerbic person. He doesn’t like this actually. The editor of the X-Factor seems to provide information about his acerbic side of appearance only. He has the pleasuring appearance as well in fact.

Simon Cowell Facts 6: estimated fortune

There is estimation about his amazing fortune that he has obtain. The information of his fortune actually is £100 million. This is huge right?

Simon Cowell Smokes

Simon Cowell Smokes

Simon Cowell Facts 7: as cameo

Simon also has involved in movie. It was in Scary Movie 3. He played as cameo. The scene was when he made a comment for rap contest as a judge. The result, he had shot to death by the people in the contest.

Simon Cowell Facts 8:  Nonnie Thompson

Simon Cowell has been included within Nonnie Thompson’s song. It was the singer of early nineties. The song shows about the hatred against Simon. Yet, it is only in the matter of the features and entertainment.

Simon Cowell X factor

Simon Cowell X factor

Simon Cowell Facts 9: the godfather

He has the title as godfather. It is as Sinitta’s baby. It is a great title for him right?

Simon Cowell Facts 10: Paula Abdul

He has good relationship with Paula Abdul. Although they often act as Tom and Jerry, they can show the intimate actually.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

You need to read facts about Simon Cowell if you want to understand thoroughly about the recognition of him. So, what do you think about it?

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