10 Interesting Fred Hollows Facts

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Fred Hollows facts give you the information about the famous ophthalmologist. This Australian and New Zealand man had restored the eye sight of thousands of people the entire world. He was famous because of his work. Find out the personal life and medical career of Fred Hollow in the post below:

Fred Hollows Facts 1: Fred Hollows date of birth

Fred Hollows was born with the full name of Fred Cossom Hollows. He was born on April 9th, 1929. There was an organization named after him. It is the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Fred Hollows Facts 2: family life

In the family, he has three siblings. Those are John, Colin and Maurice. His parents are Joseph and Clarice Hollows. All of them were born in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Fred Hollows and Kids

Fred Hollows and Kids

Fred Hollows Facts 3: informal education

He attended North East Valley Primary School. It was his informal early education. He spent one year there.  When Hollows was 13 years old, he attended Palmerston North Boys’ High School.

Fred Hollows Facts 4: degree of education

Hollows were graduated with his BA degree. He got it from Victoria University of Wellington. Then he decided to attend Toago Medical School after he saw doctors performing a charitable work at mental hospital.

Fred Hollows Facts

Fred Hollows Facts

Fred Hollows Facts 5: mountain climbing

One of Hollows’ interesting hobbies is climbing mountain. He liked to ascend the Mount Aspiring.  He was an active member in New Zealand Alpine Club.

Fred Hollows Facts 6: Communist Party

During 1950s to 1960s, he became an active member of a communist party in New Zealand.

Fred Hollows Pic

Fred Hollows Pic

Fred Hollows Facts 7: ophthalmology

He was interested in ophthalmology. So he decided to stay in England and studied ophthalmology in Moorfields Eye Hospital in 1961. When he was in Wales, he got his pros graduate work.

Fred Hollows Facts 8: move to Australia

In 1965, Hollows moved to Australia. He worked at the University of New South Wales located in Sidney as an associate professor of ophthalmology.

Fred Hollows

Fred Hollows

Fred Hollows Facts 9: the ophthalmology division

He was the chairman in the ophthalmology division from 1965 to 1992 at the University of New South Wales. He was the head of the Prince of Wales and Prince Henry Hospitals.

Fred Hollows Facts 10: citizenship

At first he gained New Zealand citizenship since he was born there. He had an Australian citizenship in 1989. In 1990, he was named as the Australian of the year.



Talking about his personal life, Hollows married twice. The first marriage was with Mary Skiller in 1958.  His first wife died in 1975. Then he married to Gabi O’Sullivan in 1980. Are you fascinated with facts about Frederick Hollows?

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