10 Interesting Jerry Rice Facts

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Jerry Rice facts provide the detail facts about one of the greatest NFL players in the world.  The people who love to study the history of NFL must know Jerry Rice. This inspirational player makes people impressed with his skill at any position. Here are the interesting facts about Jerry Rice.

Jerry Rice Facts 1: the greatest wide receiver

Jerry Rice is included in the list of the greatest wide receivers in NFL. His name is on the list of the important player in NFL.

Jerry Rice Facts 2: leader

If you want to know one of the famous NFL leaders, you have to look at the track record of Jerry Rice. This man has great stastiics in term of yards, touchdowns receptions and receptions.

Jerry Rice

Jerry Ric

Jerry Rice Facts 3: Super Bowl

One of Jerry Rice’s biggest achievements is when he won 3 super bowl rings. At that time, his team was San Francisco 49ers. He also gained a good title during the game with Oakland raiders in AFC Championship.

Jerry Rice Facts 4: books

We definitely agree that he is a good player in NFL. He works hard to achieve his position. There is no need to wonder that he creates two books depicting his life. You need to read for more inspirations about NFL.

Jerry Rice facts

Jerry Rice facts

Jerry Rice Facts 5: the NFL greatest players

The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players as the greatest player in NFL history is a film production by NFL Network. One of the best NFL players that you can see in the film production was Jerry Rice.

Jerry Rice Facts 6:co-host

Rice also tries to be a co host.  You can see him in Sport Sunday when he becomes the co host of Raj Mathai, NBC Sportscaster. This sport show was in a prime time and aired in San Francisco Bay Area.

Jerry Rice in the Field

Jerry Rice in the Field

Jerry Rice Facts 7: Pro Bowl

Another Achievement by Jerry Rice that makes people amazed him more if when he is named 13 times in Pro Bowl from 1986 to 1996, 1998 and 2002.

Jerry Rice Facts 8: All Pro

Jerry Rice gets the title as the all pro player for 12 titles in twenty NFL seasons.

Jerry Rice Interview

Jerry Rice Interview

Jerry Rice Facts 9: Dancing with the Stars

Jerry Rice likes to try something new and fun. You can see that he shook the legs in Dancing with the Stars reality show from 2005 and 2006. Can you guess how he dances on the floor?

Jerry Rice Facts 10: work ethic

Jerry Rice is one of the respectable players in NFL. People know him as a dedicated player. He is hard working and has good work ethic on the field.

Jerry Rice Wins

Jerry Rice Wins

If you want to know detail information about Jerry Rice, you can read the books about his life. Are you inspired with facts about Jerry Rice?

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