10 Interesting Mary Cassatt Facts

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If you are interested to find out the ideas about the American impressionist artist, you have to read Mary Cassatt Facts. This woman has a unique style on her painting. You can see her interested in art since she was a child. Let’s find out her early life, parents and artistic style by reading the following post below:

Mary Cassatt Facts 1: date of birth

Cassatt was born on 22 May 1844 in Allegheeny City, Pennsylvania.  There were five children in the family, and she was the fourth one.

Mary Cassatt Facts 2: parents

Her father was Robert Simpson Cassatt. He worked as a land speculator and a stockbroker. Her mother was Katherine Kelso Johnson.

Mary Cassatt  Canvas

Mary Cassatt Canvas

Mary Cassatt Facts 3: travel

Mary moved a lot during his childhood time. Her parents thought that traveling was an important part to educate the children.  The family moved to Lancaster Pennsylvania before it moved to Philadelphia.

Mary Cassatt Facts 4: European cities

In the next five years, there were several cities in Europe that Mary visited. Therefore, she was able to speak French and German. She also involved learning more about music and drawing.

Mary Cassatt Art

Mary Cassatt Art

Mary Cassatt Facts 5: Paris World’s Fair of 1855

Paris World’s Fair of 1855 was very important to reshape her career as an artist. She was involved with great artists of France after she came on the world fair. The artists in the world fair who became her teacher were Degas and Pissarro. Read Edgar Degas facts here.

Mary Cassatt Facts 6: education

Let’s talk about her early education as an artist. She studied at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts at the age of 15 years old.  In 1866, she left the school because there was no degree to offer from the academy. She decided to go to Paris.

Mary Cassatt Facts

Mary Cassatt Facts

Mary Cassatt Facts 7: École des Beaux-Arts

Mary was very interested to become a student in École des Beaux-Arts. However; she was a student there since women were prohibited. She asked the teachers to train her privately. She also worked hard by visiting Louvre to look at the art from some great artists.

Mary Cassatt Facts 8: A Mandoline Player

A Mandoline Player was her panting accepted by the Paris Salon for a display in 1868.

Mary Cassatt Painting

Mary Cassatt Painting

Mary Cassatt Facts 9: Impressionist art

Edgar Degas invited her to create an impressionist painting in 1877. Cassatt was very amazed and accepted the invitation.

Mary Cassatt Facts 10: change of style

Mary moved her impressionist style into a simpler style in 1866. She became a role model of the younger artists in America during 1890s.

Mary Cassatt Pic

Mary Cassatt Pic

Some of her works include title Girl in a Blue Armchair (1878), The Boating Party (1893-94), and summertime (c. 1894). On 14 June 1926, Cassatt died Château de Beaufresne, near Paris. Do you have opinion on facts about Mary Cassatt?

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