10 Interesting Francisco Pizarro Facts

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Francisco Pizarro facts will be the topic here. This person is famous among any Latin people. Yet, do you know about some facts related to him? Therefore, I want to discuss about some facts. It will help you recognizing him better.

Francisco Pizarro Facts 1: from nothing to something

He died in 1541 and he had obtained the title of Marquis de la Conquista. It is the wealthy nobleman. It was very different when he was a kid who only a son of household servant and Spanish soldier. He even never learned reading and writing.

Francisco Pizarro Facts 2: more conquering

He actually had accomplished many conquering than Inca Empire. He even had accomplished the mission in discovering Pacific Ocean along with Vasco Nunez de Balboa.

Francisco Pizarro Facts

Francisco Pizarro Facts

Francisco Pizarro Facts 3: brothers’ dependence

He relied much to his brothers. He considered his 4 half-brothers to be more important than his mission and exploration. He really trusted his brothers.

Francisco Pizarro Facts 4: the lieutenants

Pizarro actually had trusted lieutenants who also were his four brothers. Even the career of his brothers went good and perfect after the conqueror.

Francisco Pizarro Image

Francisco Pizarro Image

Francisco Pizarro Facts 5: loot sharing

It is true Inca Empire had much silver and gold. Therefore, Pizarro and also his men may gain very wealth in no time. In fact, Pizarro gained the most of the loot. The sharing of the loot comes mostly to him.

Francisco Pizarro Facts 6: mean behavior

Many of the conquistadors are mean and violent. They are not afraid from torture and also mayhem. Pizarro also has this characteristic indeed. He once ordered a murderer to be burned alive.

Francisco Pizarro Pic

Francisco Pizarro Pic

Francisco Pizarro Facts 7: he backstabbed his partner

He once double-crosses Almagro. He was a partner of Pizarro in exploring Pacific coast. It is because Almagro was only promised to be given the governorship or undiscovered land. In the other hand, Pizarro has gained already the title and also lucrative positions from Spain.

Francisco Pizarro Facts 8:  civil war

The Inca Empire belongs to 2 persons. The north is for Pizarro and the south is for Almagro. It is because both of the persons are not in good relationship; it causes civil war which may lead into the defeat of Almagro within the Battle of Salinas.

Francisco Pizarro Riding Horse

Francisco Pizarro Riding Horse

Francisco Pizarro Facts 9: assassination

Pizarro is assassinated by Almagro’s son. The event was located in Pizarro’s house.

Francisco Pizarro Facts 10: Infamous in Peru

Any Peruvians consider him as ancient history only. They don’t think that he has contributed much to history.

Francisco Pizarro

Francisco Pizarro

Reading facts about Francisco Pizarro may help people to understand better about this person. If you really become so much attracted to him, you can learn more.

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