10 Interesting Alfred the Great Facts

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Let me show you the King of Wessex from 871 until 899 on Alfred the Great facts. He was born in 849 and died on October 26th, 899. The Vikings tried to conquer his kingdom. However, he was successful to defend his kingdom. Alfred the Great had been known as a dominant ruler in England by the time of his death. The only two English monarchs called as “The Great” were only Alfred the Great and Cnut the Great. The latter one was the Scandinavian king.

Alfred the Great Facts 1: King of the Anglo-Saxons

Alfred the Great styled himself as King of the Anglo-Saxons.  The works written by Welsh scholar and Bishop Asser from 9th century depicted in the detailed life of Alfred.

Alfred the Great Facts 2: education

During his reign, Alfred focused on education. He believed that Latin should not be used as the primary language to teach the students. They should use English. He was described as a merciful and learned king.

Alfred the Great Coin

Alfred the Great Coin

Alfred the Great Facts 3: the reign of Alfred

Alfred tried to increase the quality life of the people, military structures and legal system when he became the king.

Alfred the Great Facts 4: the rank

In the list of 100 Greatest Britons by BBC, he was placed at number 14 in 2002. Look at facts about William Wallace here.

Facts about Alfred the Great

Facts about Alfred the Great

Alfred the Great Facts 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Alfred the Great was located in Wanating village. Historically, this village was situated in Berkshire. Today, it is located in Oxfordshire. The village now is known as Wantage.

Alfred the Great Facts 6: parents

His mother was Osburh. His father was King Æthelwulf of Wessex. His mother was the first wife of the King. Alfred was the youngest son in the family. He was sent to Roman according to Anglo-Saxon Chronicle when he was four years old in 853. He was anointed as a king by Pope Leo IV.

Alfred the Great

Alfred the Great

Alfred the Great Facts 7: King of the Franks

Around 854 or 855, Alfred settled at the court of King of Franks, Charles the Bald when he accompanied his father to make a pilgrimage in Rome. Get facts about Wilson Rawls here.

Alfred the Great Facts 8: Æthelbald

Æthelbald was the son of Æthelwulf who deposed his father from the reign upon his return from Rome in 856.

Alfred the Great Image

Alfred the Great Image

Alfred the Great Facts 9: the areas

To avoid the civil war, Æthelwulf agreed to rule the eastern shires, while the western shires were ruled by Æthelbald.

Alfred the Great Facts 10: the death of King Æthelwulf

Æthelbald, Æthelberht and Æthelred were the successors of King Æthelwulf after his death in 858 who ruled Wessex. All of them were the brothers of Alfred.

Alfred the Great Facts

Alfred the Great Facts

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