10 Interesting Galileo Galilei Facts

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Galileo Galilei facts give the information about one of the most significant scientists in the world. Even though he lived in the ancient world, many of his contributions and ideas are used by the modern people as the foundation of modern science. Let’s find out the deep information about Galilei below:

Galileo Galilei Facts 1: medicine

Let’s talk about his early life first. Galilei wanted to study medicine when he came to Jesuit Monastery. However, he decided to become a monk after four years spending time in the monastery.  Even though his father did not want him to do it, he still did it as the priest in his life.

Galileo Galilei Facts 2: Nicolaus Copernicus

Galileo had to face the life imprisonment due to his support and promotion on the Copernican theory.  However, the sentence is reduced to a house arrest.

Galileo Galilei Facts

Galileo Galilei Facts

Galileo Galilei Facts 3: finger

The body of Galileo was moved to be buried again after 100 years. The middle finger of Galileo’s right hand was stolen by a fan. Now you can see his middle finger is displayed at the Museum of The History of Science located in Florence.

Galileo Galilei Facts 4: the finger

The position of the finger of Galileo is used to point Rome.

Galileo Galilei Pic

Galileo Galilei Pic

Galileo Galilei Facts 5: Inquisition

Galileo had an opinion about Inquisition. He stated that the Holy write should not be used to teach the person on how the heaven goes, but on how to go to heaven.

Galileo Galilei Facts 6: Catholic

Galileo has three children. But he never had any marriage. He was a very devoted catholic.

Galileo Galilei Quotes

Galileo Galilei Quotes

Galileo Galilei Facts 7: villa west of Florence

His daughters lived in a convent located in Florence. Therefore, Galileo purchased a villa located west of Florence in 1617 so that he could get closer with his daughters.

Galileo Galilei Facts 8: Einstein

Galileo had a lot of fans. One of them is the genius Einstein. Einstein liked to quote Galileo’s theory.

Galileo Galilei Scientist

Galileo Galilei Scientist

Galileo Galilei Facts 9: pendulum

One of his bigger inventions is the study about pendulum. He got his inspiration when he visited the Cathedral of Pisa. He saw a lamp swing back and forth.

Galileo Galilei Facts 10: pendulum clock

Even though he had many theories about pendulum, he was not successful to build a pendulum clock.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei

Galileo was a professor of mathematics in University of Pisa. However, the university did not renew his contract since he was incapable to work with. Are you inspired with facts about Galileo Galieli?

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