10 Interesting Frank Cottrell Boyce Facts

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Let’s study the Frank Cottrell Boyce facts if you want to know more about the occasional actor, screenwriter and novelist from Britain. This man gains the fame due to his children’s fiction. He also collaborates with Michael Winterbottom, the famous film director in the world.  Find out about him in detail by seeing the article below:

Frank Cottrell Boyce Facts 1: 2012 Summer Olympics

Boyce gained his fame in 2012 Summer Olympics. In the opening ceremony, he became the writer for the sequel of a children classic by Ian Fleming in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: The Magical Car.

Frank Cottrell Boyce Facts 2: awards

Having the awards will be one of the biggest achievements for a screenwriter and director. There are two primary awards received by Boyce.  He got the 2012 Guardian Prize for The Unforgotten Coat. In 2004, he received Carnegie Medal for Millions.

Frank Cottrell Boyce Book

Frank Cottrell Boyce Book

Frank Cottrell Boyce Facts 3: date of birth

Boyce was a British man. He was born in 1959 in Rainhill.  He was raised in an Irish Catholic family. His early education include St Bartholomew’s Primary School and West Park secondary

Frank Cottrell Boyce Facts 4: collaboration

Boyce and Winterbottom collaborated to make movies.  Boyce often used his pseudonym name of Martin Hardy. There were some films made from Winterbottom based on the screenplay of Boyce. Some of them are 24 Hour Party People, Butterfly Kiss, Code 46, Welcome to Sarajevo, Forget About Me, A Cock and Bull Story and The Claim.

Frank Cottrell Boyce Image

Frank Cottrell Boyce Image

Frank Cottrell Boyce Facts 5: other directors

There are many other directors that Boyce has worked with. Those are Alex Cox in Revengers Tragedy, Anand Tucker in Hilary and Jackie, Danny Boyle in Millions, Richard Laxton in Grow Your Own, and Danny Boyle in Millions.

Frank Cottrell Boyce Facts 6: Liverpool Hope University

In June 2012, Boyce got a new career path as a professor of reading. He teaches the students in Liverpool Hope University.

Frank Cottrell Boyce Pic

Frank Cottrell Boyce Pic

Frank Cottrell Boyce Facts 7: Edge Hill University

On July16th 2013, he got the Honorary Doctor of Literature at Edge Hill University.

Frank Cottrell Boyce Facts 8: marriage

Boyce is a married man. He had seven children.

Frank Cottrell Boyce Style

Frank Cottrell Boyce Style

Frank Cottrell Boyce Facts 9: occasional actor

Even though his main job is not an actor, you can his appearance as an actor in Desert Island Discs in March 2010.

Frank Cottrell Boyce Facts10: novels

There are some famous novels written by Boyce. You can read Framed 2005, The Unforgotten Coat 2011, Cosmic in 2008, and many more.

Frank Cottrell Boyce

Frank Cottrell Boyce

There other awards that he had received are Eule des Monats (Germany), Millions in 2004, Guardian Prize, shortlist, Cosmic in 2008, and Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award, Honors, Cosmic in 2011.  You can find out more facts about Frank Cottrell Boyce in other posts.

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