10 Interesting Benito Mussolini Facts

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You can get the detail ideas about the former dictator of Italy by reading Benito Mussolini Facts. In the beginning of 20th century, Mussolini was famous as the leader of fascist party in Italy. He was definitely against expansionism, corporatism and nationalism.  He built Italian fascism as the base of the country. Here the facts about Mussolini for you:

Benito Mussolini Facts 1: promoting the ideology

To promote the ideology of fascism, Mussolini used propaganda and censorship. Therefore, there were many Italian citizens who supported his belief at that time.

Benito Mussolini Facts 2: the power of fascist party

In March 1919, the fascist party of Mussolini took over the main power in Italy. But during the World War II, he was defeated.

Benito Mussolini Facts

Benito Mussolini Facts

Benito Mussolini Facts 3: escape

In 1945, Mussolini was executed. Actually he planned to escape to Switzerland before the execution.

Benito Mussolini Facts 4: date of birth

Benito Mussolini was born in 1883 in Predappio, Italy. His father was a blacksmith, Alessandro. His mother worked as a school teacher, Rosa Mussolini.

Benito Mussolini Image

Benito Mussolini Image

Benito Mussolini Facts 5: study

Mussolini studied socialist politics when he was an immigrant in Switzerland.  He immigrated in the country in 1902. Two years after he studied in Switzerland, he returned to Italy.  Then he worked for La Lotta di Classe/ the Classic Struggle. It was a socialist newspaper.

Benito Mussolini Facts 6: Military service

Mussolini had his military serve in 1915 after he decided to participate in world war I. Actually he supported the participation of Italy to join World War I.

Benito Mussolini Italy

Benito Mussolini Italy

Benito Mussolini Facts 7: Fascism de Combattimento

Fascism de Combattimento was a fascist party that Mussolini established in March 1919. He had the support to create this party from unemployed veterans of World War I. The ideology of the party laid on Fascism which centered on the cult personality of one person.

Benito Mussolini Facts 8: the Black Shirts

The Black Shirts was the army squad formed by Mussolini. He used his army to terrorize the political opponents. He wanted to established dictatorship in Italy. When the condition of Italy became chaotic, Mussolini was selected as the leader of Italy by King Victor Emmanuel.

Benito Mussolini Picture

Benito Mussolini Picture

Benito Mussolini Facts 9: parliamentary powers

Parliamentary powers were dismantled by Mussolini as the highest leader in Italy in 1925. He chose aggressive nationalism as the new foundation of Italy’s foreign policy.

Benito Mussolini Facts 10: wars

Under the leadership of Mussolini, Italy made invasion to some countries such as Libra, Albania, Abyssia and Corfa in 1935 till 1936. Check Italy facts here.

Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini

Mussolini was cooperative with Adolf Hitler who was famous with his Nazi. In Italy, he also persecuted Jewish people. But in the World War II, he was defeated and executed on 28 April 1945. Do you want to comment on facts about Benito Mussolini?

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