10 Interesting Peter Tchaikovsky Facts

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Let’s find out the famous Russian composer on Peter Tchaikovsky Facts. Tchaikovsky was born on 7th May 1840 and died on 25th October/6th November 1893. His music is very popular. It represents the late Romantic period. Tchaikovsky not only gained the national, but also the international recognition. It seems that he is the first Russian who creates a lasting impression in the international world. Check other interesting facts about Tchaikovsky below:

Peter Tchaikovsky Facts 1: a guest conductor

Tchaikovsky became a guest conductor in various appearances in United States and Europe. It made him earn the international recognition.

Peter Tchaikovsky Facts 2: the honor and award

Tchaikovsky received a lifetime pension as well as an honor from Emperor Alexander III in 1884.

Peter Tchaikovsky

Peter Tchaikovsky

Peter Tchaikovsky Facts 3: a civil servant

Actually he studied to become a civil servant despite the amazing musical talent that Tchaikovsky had. At that time, Russia did not have any system of public music education. The musicians in Russia also had few opportunities.

Peter Tchaikovsky Facts 4: the popularity

During his career as a musician and composer, Tchaikovsky was very popular.   However, he had to face depression and personal crises. Get facts about Bedrich Smetana here.

Peter Tchaikovsky pictures

Peter Tchaikovsky pictures

Peter Tchaikovsky Facts 5: the factors

There are several factors contributed to the depression and crises that Tchaikovsky had. The early death of his mother as well the separation from his mother when he had to enroll in the boarding schools was considered as the major factor. The death of Nikolai Rubinstein, his close friend also affected him. Find facts about rock and roll here.

Peter Tchaikovsky Facts 6: the sudden death

Tchaikovsky died at the age of 53 years old. People were very surprised with his sudden death. It was believed that he died because of cholera. The debate about the death is still continued till today.

Peter Tchaikovsky Musician

Peter Tchaikovsky Musician

Peter Tchaikovsky Facts 7: the critical opinions

The opinions of the critics about the music of Tchaikovsky are mixed. But the audiences really love his music. The European people accept his music due to the western elements on it. The Russian people do not merely accept the music. It does not entirely present the native musical elements.

Peter Tchaikovsky Facts 8: the classical music public

One of the popular music compositions that he made was Romeo and Juliet. Others include The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, Violin Concerto, First Piano Concerto 1812 Overture, and many more.

Peter Tchaikovsky Image

Peter Tchaikovsky Image

Peter Tchaikovsky Facts 9: the other popular works

The other popular works of Tchaikovsky are Serenade for Strings, Capriccio Italien, Francesca da Rimini and Manfred Symphony.

Peter Tchaikovsky Facts 10: the style of his music

Tchaikovsky creates rich music for he uses the grandeur, power and depth to create symphonies.

Peter Tchaikovsky Facts

Peter Tchaikovsky Facts

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