10 Interesting Fergie Facts

Thursday, January 23rd 2014. | People

Fergie facts are useful for better information to recognize the person. Many of you have already recognized about him right? Therefore, it will be beneficial if you read more about the facts below related to him. Let’s discuss it here.

Fergie Facts 1: basic facts

Many people recognize Fergie as a singer. She is both sexy and talented. Her birthday is in March 27, 1975. Perhaps you wonder about her zodiac sign as well. She is an Aries. She now belongs to the group Black Eyed Peas as the woman singer.

Fergie Facts 2: the birth

Fergie has the birthplace in California, USA Hacienda Heights. She actually has the birth name which is Stacy Ann Ferguson.

Fergie Facts 3: physical body

As a singer, she is considered to be attractive. She has the height of 5’2’’. Many men indeed really love her whether as a fans or want to date her. She is a blonde and she has beautiful blue eye colors.

Fergie Facts 4: likes and dislike

You may never find her smoking because she is not a smoker. She has some quality hobbies including dancing, clubbing, football, fashion, listening to musing, hanging with friends, singing, and rapping.

Fergie facts

Fergie facts

Fergie Facts 5: family life

What you need to know about her is that she has both Scottish and Irish descent. There is sad fact about her childhood. It is that her parents are divorced.

Fergie Facts 6: cute facts

Besides her activity as singer, she has the fun to become fan of Miami Dolphin. She also confesses that she really likes wearing boxer shorts while sleeping.

Fergie Singer

Fergie Singer

Fergie Facts 7: TV show

She also gains the career on the TV show called Kids Incorporated. In fact, she is the longest running member among any other casts.

Fergie Facts 8:  the hit songs

There are some hit songs including Let’s Get it Started, Hey Mama, Don’t Phunk With My Heart, Don’t Lie, London Bridge, Where is The Love, and also My Humps.



Fergie Facts 9: Sally Brown

She also involved becoming the voice of Sally Brown within 2 specials of Charlie Brown in 1984 and 1985.

Fergie Facts 10: solo career

She had a dream to conduct solo career. The dream comes true in 2006. The dream occurred since she was with Wild Orchid.

Fergie's Hair

Fergie’s Hair

Those are facts about Fergie. Do you know other facts about Fergie?

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